10 Top SEO Ranking Factors You Should Be Practicing Already

10 Top seo ranking factors COVER

You have a product that you want to sell on Google and you are not following the top SEO ranking factors then it is most likely that you won’t be generating any sales.

Google is ever-changing with its updates and it is important to keep up with its needs. To be able to reach the mass that you dreamt of, it is important to know the correct way to do SEO. 

Now, if we really get into it, there are more than 200 google ranking factors that most of us are oblivious of but if you are doing these 11 things right, you are sure going to level up than most. 

Want to create leads and rank on the first page of google?

Let me teach you how with these 10 proven top SEO ranking factors. 

1. SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

Have you ever been to a site that suddenly takes you to a page that says “not safe to proceed”? Any normal person would right away click on the cross button. 

What does it do? It does not only trigger their exit rate but also marks their website as an unsafe affair. The first thing SEO ranking factors teach you is to tighten up your site security. 

Get an SSL certificateOpens in a new tab. that will immediately encrypt your website with HTTPS. It creates a secured connection between the users and the website making the site safe to use. 

The more trustworthy your site, the more the search engine would make it available to the users. 

2. Page Speed

Page Speed

Google always tried to make its experience the best for its users. In the process, page speed has become one of the most important google ranking factors. 

Nobody would want to be stuck in the middle of a conversation just because the website they are trying to access is not loading. It is always preferable to check your current page speed and optimize it for a better user experience. 

Getting Google Search Console is going to solve a lot of problems and will help you strengthen your core web vitals. 

3. Optimize It For Mobile

Optimize It For Mobile

70% of the world’s population uses mobile phones to search. In fact, SEO strategists can expect up to 89% by the end of 2025. 

Well then? What did Google do? It introduced an algorithm called Mobile that shifted its focus from desktop to mobile optimization. 

Getting a mobile responsive site that responds to the device your audience is using has become one of the top SEO ranking factors. 

In fact, Google’s mobile-first index has started to draw websites that are mobile-optimized first than the ones which are not optimized. If you haven’t made your website mobile-friendly yet, you are losing yourself some great deal of traffic. 

4. Be Available To Google Bots

Be Available To Google Bots

The most important factor to rank on Google is to be available to the crawlers. Your crawlability will allow the bots to skim and scan your content and make it available on Google. 

Submit a sitemap to the top search engines and keep a track of your indexing. Google Search Console can help you a great deal to check your index status and make sure that your website is up there on Google. 

And the most important of all is robot.txt. Make proper use of robots.txt because this is where your game changes.  Apart from robots.txt, there is an entire technical SEO checklist that you need to have an idea of. 

5. User Interaction

H2.6 1

Google gives a lot of preference for websites that have shown strong user engagement. Thanks to the RankBrain update that has been studied and up-ranking websites that have shown positive user behaviour. 

It keeps an eye on the dwell time, bounce rate and the CTR of the website. So, if you want to please RankBrain, it is important to see crawlers not as bots but as humans. 

A perfect blend of high click-through Rates, high dwell times and low bounce rates will automatically take you one position higher than the rest. 

It is an important ranking factor to have a smooth site architecture, high-quality graphics and strong internal linking if you want to have good engagement. 

6. User-Generated Content

06. User-Generated Content

Let me tell you this – Content is the king. If you have been successful in delivering high-quality, user-generated content, Google is almost happy with you.  With every year, Google has become more user-oriented and always helps pages that have professional content and are consistent in posting it. 

Make sure that your content has strong Keyword research. There are a hundred tools out there including SemrushOpens in a new tab., Ubersuggest and Ahrefs, that can do wonders for your keyword research technique. 

But what is also important is to publish a genuine piece from a professional 

Most of the top sites have well-research, well-written and informative pieces that educate people. The more friendly you are to your user, the more chance you make it to the top. 

Content marketing is the future of SEO and it is advisable that you kick-start it. 

7. Search Intent

Search Intent

Google does not just rank a website or an article because the search query matches the keyword you use. It has gone beyond that and tries to understand the intent of the user behind searching a query. 

If a user is looking for the keyword “buy apple laptops”, the intent is to buy a product. This immediately gives e-commerce websites a ranking. 

However, if the same user looks for the keyword “apple watch launch”, his intent is towards getting a piece of information rather than buying. In such cases, review pages or new pages would see a rank. 

It is one of the top SEO ranking factors to be aware of the intent and write according to that.

8. Strong Backlinking Profile

Strong Backlinking Profile

Creating a strong backlinking profile is one of the biggest proof that you have an authoritative website. 

It is not about buying links from link farms but creating quality links to your website. The number of good links to your website directly influences your ranking factors and increases your traffic a great deal. 

If you want your site to rank, you need to consider increasing your backlink score through guest posting, link acquisition, digital PR, cross-linking and other link building strategies. 

9. Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

If you are an SEO expert, you would know that it is not just about doing your On-Page SEO right. 

Listen to me, Off-Page Seo matters a lot.

When people share your content on social media, it increases your brand awareness and brings your traffic from places unknown.

Although links from social profiles are not officially counted the same as from another website, it definitely brings in organic traffic. If your social media marketing strategies are on point, you may get a few sales too. 

Not only does it create a social presence for your brand but also makes the world easy to share and create social signals for you. 

This brings me to the last, most important SEO ranking factors of Google. 

10. Freshness


Google is always on the lookout for fresh and updated content. SEO rankings factors say that it is always important to keep revamping and rewriting your old articles with updated information. 

One needs to either re-publish updated content or keep posting new articles in order to keep up with the user demand. 

Update your landing pages once a year or whenever you see that the page is ranking down. 

The freshness of your page tells Google how up to date you are with the trends. 

Over To You

Everything boils down to these 10 SEO ranking factors. While none of these factors is new, most of us miserably fail to follow them. Most importantly, please your readers with expert, authoritative and trustworthy (E-A-T) content and the ranking will come following it. 

Are you following any of these top SEO ranking factors? Let us know in the comment. 

See you next time!

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