7 Types Of Content Writing That The Web Content Needs

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If you think that the web only needs a few countable types of content writing, then you are mistaken. In fact, the web is much more than that. 

With every hour a new type of content takes birth on the world wide web and with that increases the need for different types of content writers. In fact, it would be foolish to think that one content writer can deal with all types of content writing. 

Every writer specializes in a type of writing and to be able to make the best content available for your users, it is equally important to invest in the right kind of content writer for your website. 

To make the decision simpler, I have explained 7 types of content writing. If you are a writer, you will find your niche and if you are a website owner, you will know which kind of writer you need. 

Let’s get started!

07. SEO Writing

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SEO writing is the type of writer that most of us are familiar with. It is one of the most integral parts of search engine and digital marketing. With the advent of the digital age, the demand for SEO writers has also spiked up. 

The quintessential part of this type of content writing remains to understand the search engine trend, optimize the content with the help of thorough keyword research and follow every aspect to make your article or blog post rank on the search engine. 

It is SEO writing that plays a crucial part in making a new brand visible in the digital world and bringing in organic leads. Their work is not limited to writing but to also looking for topics that will perform well on the internet. 

While the most important part of SEO writing remains to be aware of the changing search engine trends. 

06. Technical Writing

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Unlike SEO writing, technical writing is a way to fill the gap between technology and the audience. Not everyone understands the crooked language of technology. To make lives easier, a technical writer conveys the same idea in a layman’s words. 

It is very important to comprehend technical terms and functionality in this type of content writing. Only if you understand the system properly will you be able to convey it to a larger audience. 

In technical writing, it is not only a knowledge of computers, software, hardware or electronics is crucial. You must also be an excellent and clear communicator of language. 

05. Marketing & Communication Writing

Now, this is an interesting type of content writing. In fact, this does not limit a writer to just writing content. It helps him plan content writing strategies by using different SEO toolsOpens in a new tab. that will sell the product. 

While SEO writing is about ranking on the search engine, Marketing and communication writing is to compel a user to take an action. Such writers mostly focus on selling the product on the internet. It may not be limited to just writing a blog post but can go up to writing e-books, press releases and advertising banners. 

The central idea remains to advertise the product aggressively and create a market for people to indulge in. Marketing and communication writing needs a little hint of creativity, a lot of research and strong selling skill. 

04. Featured Writing

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Featured writing is one of the coolest types of content writing. It takes a lot of honour and pride to be a featured writer. In fact, it means that you are just not a professional writer but an expert in your field. 

A lot like a column writer in print newspapers featured writing is nothing but having a column in the digital space. Features writing most deals with writing for a particular space on the website. It can be anything from a short story, poem, satires, fashion blogging, lifestyle, etc. 

(I would kill to be a featured writer). 

The best way to do so is to write for websites that specialize in different categories and write for the category that works out the best for you. 

03. Press Writing

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Press writing is a type of content writing that mostly focuses on e-newspapers and digital magazines. It deals with keeping an intensive track of the latest news, creating content around it and publishing online. 

But it is not limited to that. Press writing can also deal with communicating information about a new launch, development or expansion of a business. The writers involved in press writing have to provide their audience with insights of the business they are associated with. Their focus is to give information before the marketing team takes over. 

02. Business Writing

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Personally, of all the types of content writing, business writing can be categorized as the most boring one. However, if you are a person who is interested in spreading the news about new business development, market prices, startups or anything that has to do with the commerce section of the world, this type of writing is for you. 

It comes as an added benefit if you are an expert in insurance. This brings me to the last of the lot, and it may interest you if you are not sure about your writing. 

01.Ghost Writing

It is one of the most unlikely types of content writing especially because writing is about creating a portfolio as a content writer. However, ghostwriting is a little different from most of our writing types. 

Oh, it definitely doesn’t have anything to do with writing about ghosts of paranormal activities. Ghostwriting is in its truest sense writing content for someone else. The content mostly gets published under someone else’s name. 

The writer’s name will not be seen anywhere in the writing. In fact, most of the SEO content writing companies offer the same work under the title of Ghostwriting, where you write the content for them but they publish it under the company’s name. 

The challenge kicks in when you have to work like the chief editor of the website, research like an SEO strategist but deliver content under the company’s name. 

To Conclude

All these types of content writing have been an active part of the worldwide web but most of us have only heard about SEO writing. If you think that digital content writing types are only limited to that, then you are missing out on a lot of scopes. 

The best way is to explore, write different types of content, find your niche and invest a good time in it to become an expert. Additionally, each of these industries have a lot of scope and will always pay you well at the end of the day. 

Now, money can’t buy you happiness but it is okay to be sad and keep writing in a Lamborghini. 


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