7 YouTube SEO Tips To Rank Your Next Video



7 YouTube SEO Tips To Rank For Your Next Video

Whoever said that YouTube SEO Tips is a myth does not know that YouTube also works on algorithms. With growing awareness about off-page SEO, a lot of people have started actively taking the help of YouTube to spread their brand. 

In fact, YouTube has come to the top 5 social media platforms in the last few years. 

If you are a budding YouTuber, these 7 YouTube SEO tips are going to help you rank for your next video. 

Let’s take each step at a time!

1. Keyword Research

You heard it right. Like Google SEO, keyword research also forms the first and most important of all YouTube SEO tips.  It is through the help of keywords that the platform recognizes the subject of the video, indexes it and ranks for the search intent of the user. 

With new creators launching a channel every day, YouTube has become more competitive than ever. It is advisable to choose the right keyword. With the right keyword, I mean, a keyword that has a decent volume but less competition. 

 YouTube keyword research tools like VidIQ can help you get started. 

2. Keyword In The Title

We all know that there isn’t anything as important as the title when you are uploading content on YouTube.

This makes it absolutely essential to use your keyword in the title of your video. It helps your audience and YouTube understands whether or not your video matches the search query. 

For example, if you are uploading an unboxing video, make sure you tell YouTube in the title that it is an unboxing video. Makes things simple for you to rank for the right search query. 

3. Keyword In The File Name

A very important element of all the YouTube SEO tips is to add the keyword in the file name. 

If you have ever got a chance to upload a video on YouTube, you would see that YouTube always displays the filename along with the content link. Well, that’s your key. YouTube gives a lot of importance to the filename which also helps YouTube understand what your video is really about. 

In fact, this strategy for YouTube has also helped a lot of videos rank on the top.

4. Optimize Your Description

Description box of YouTube is the most crucial part. YouTube SEO tips suggest that you use your keyword in the beginning of the description. 

Besides, your description should be random words put together. It should be a thread of words that not only describe the video content but also uses a lot of rich keywords that help you rank for your concept. 

Your description should be useful and should help not just YouTube but also the users understand if at all your video is worth spending time on. 

Interestingly, YouTube has this habit of even bolding the search queries in the description when somebody looks for it making it a win-win situation for you and the audience. 

Another smart YouTube SEO tip would be to include timestamps in the description. All it does is make the video more user-friendly. The more user-friendly, the better chances of ranking. 

5. Use Solid Tags

Just like Instagram, YouTube also follows a fashion of tags. In fact, it also works exactly like Instagram hashtags. 

This is why it is advisable to optimize your tags with high-volume synonym keywords. In the process, do not forget to add your target keyword. 

You can take assistance from a YouTube keyword research tool that can find similar keywords and also give you an idea of the ones with high volume. Don’t overuse the tags. 15 tags are the limit to YouTube and it may discard all the hashtags from 16 onwards. 

6. Increase CTR

Click-through rate, exactly that! Just like Google, even YouTube demands high CTR elements in the video. 

It has become one of the most important ranking factors on YouTube. If your CTR score is decent, YouTube understands that your video is satisfying the search intent and takes you up one position at a time. 

But how can you increase your CTR if nobody is clicking at all?

  1. Use keywords in the title and make your title irresistibly click-baitish. Something that increases curiosity, asks a question or makes you think.
  2. The beginning of your description should include the keyword again, and should be absolutely persuasive. So much so that the audience feels a sense of missing out. 
  3. A click-baitish thumbnail adds confetti to the cake. The smarter the thumbnail, the more clicks you get. 

7. Make Long Form Content

The top YouTube SEO tips say that long-form content has higher chances of ranking than short ones. 

YouTube considers videos of 8-10 minutes to be more descriptive and user-friendly. Most of the videos which are less than 2 minutes are considered superficial and not worthy of attention. 

It is advisable that experimenting with long videos of approximately 10 minutes can really work out for you. However, that does not mean that a video that can cover up everything in 2 minutes needs to be dragged up to 10. 

Like Google, YouTube also considers relevancy over length and quality over quantity. 

So, you can have your own way as long as you are providing an informative and engaging video. 

To Conclude:

YouTube is not just about making vlogs and posting it. Overtime is has become the go-to platform for most of the people who dislike reading blog pieces. 

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