Best Free WordPress Hosting Providers for 2022

WordPress Hosting Providers

With features and comparisons, here is a list of the most popular free WordPress hosting services. Choose the Best WordPress Hosting Provider for Your Company:

WordPress hosting is a type of shared web hosting where WordPress sites are hosted. WordPress hosting is used to boost a website’s performance, such as loading speed and security.

It will aid in the website’s steady performance. Users on WordPress blog sites posted 42.66 million posts in 2014, according to StatistaOpens in a new tab.. Free WordPress hosting is a wonderful option if you’re establishing a new website or blog. These complimentary services can assist you in evaluating the service.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best WordPress hosting services.

All of these are possibilities that may be scaled up or down. As a result, you may either upgrade your plan to meet your expanding business demands or continue to use the free services as long as you like.

General Features Of Free WordPress Hosting

MySQL databases, restricted database storage, limited disc space, the newest version of cPanel, and limited bandwidth are all included in most WordPress hosting plans. With the free plan, some services offer unmetered bandwidth and assistance.

For Free WordPress Hosting, There Are Some Features That Aren’t Available.

The following is a list of features that may be missing or unwanted with WordPress Hosting’s free plans:

  • Advertising: There will be ads or pop-up banners from time to time, but you will not be credited for them.
  • Hosting for WordPress You cannot post your own adverts on the free plans.
  • Daily Backups: The majority of services do not provide daily backups.
  • Multiple websites: The free plan frequently does not allow for multiple websites.
  • The company may charge you for restoring the backup in some cases.
  • Choosing the finest web hosting for WordPress is crucial for enhancing the SEO and performance of the website.

Pro Tip: When selecting a free WordPress hosting service, pay particular attention to the options it offers, such as disc space, bandwidth, and free tools. The solution should be chosen based on current and future company requirements.

Comparison Of The Top Free WordPress Hosting Providers

 Uptime BandwidthFeaturesUnavailable Features with a Free Plan
000webhostOpens in a new tab.   0.99910 GBLatest cPanel, MySQL databases, WordPress Autoinstaller, etc.Email service, Backups, & Live support.
WordPress.comOpens in a new tab.   SEO tools, Built-in social sharing facility, In-depth statisticsEmail & Live Chat support No daily backup
Cloud access.netOpens in a new tab.   0.999Unlimited with a paid planDaily offsite backup, free subdomain, free migrations.Immediate support, restoring a backup is not free.
AccuWeb HostingOpens in a new tab.   30GB/monthMulti-layer DDoS Protection, 25 email accounts & 10 MySQL databases.Daily Backup, Free website migration, Phone & chat support, etc.
X10 HostingOpens in a new tab.   0.999UnmeteredAuto-install Scripts, 150 fully customizable templates.SSL certificate.

1) 000webhost


000webhost is a free WordPress hosting service. Passwords will be required to access the directories. It will allow you to place your own advertisements. Instant backups, instant activation, and FTP support are all provided by 000webhost. All conceivable domain names will be supported.


  • It comes with a website builder as well as a WordPress auto-installer.
  • MySQL databases are supported.
  • There is a Web File Manager available.
  • You’ll get the most recent version of cPanel.


  • It comes with a website builder.
  • It will make WordPress run faster.

Cons: According to online reviews, the service is not very user-friendly.

Technical Details For The Free Plan

WebsitesDaily BackupBandwidthDisk SpaceUptime
2No10GB1 GB0.999

Price: 000webhost offers certain paid plans for $0.99 per month, $2.59 per month, and $4.49 per month, all with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Introduction WordPress

You can make a website for free using It includes a variety of free mobile-friendly and customisable designs and themes. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android. As a result, these mobile and desktop tools will allow you to update your website.

It will let you connect your email, whether it’s GSuite or another service.


  • You’ll be able to drag-and-drop photos as well as incorporate audio and video files.
  • Every few seconds, it saves work.
  • It comes with a built-in social sharing feature.
  • It will provide detailed statistics.


  • It offers a user-friendly editor.
  • It gives you SEO tools.

Cons: The free plan has several limitations.

Technical Details For The Free Plan

WebsitesDaily BackupBandwidthDisk SpaceUptime
No.3 GB

Price: The monthly plan starts at $5 and is invoiced annually.

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3) Cloud


WordPress and Joomla hosting is provided by Cloud Access. It will assist you in quickly launching your website. Both applications have access to free services. With the free plan, you get a basic cloud management panel and limited hosting assistance.


  • With the basic Cloud Control Panel, you’ll get One-Click Login, PHPMyAdmin, Snapshot Manager, and Reset App.
  • The daily offsite backup service is offered, but restorations will cost you $30.
  • It offers free migrations, training, SSL certificates, and CDN.
  • It comes with a free subdomain.

Pros: It offers free migration services.

Cons: With the free plan, they only offer minimal hosting assistance, with a response time of no more than 24 hours.

Technical Details

WebsitesDaily BackupBandwidthDisk SpaceUptime
1YesUnlimited with a paid plan500 MB0.999

Price: The monthly fee for the premium plan is $5.

4) AccuWeb Hosting


AccuWeb Hosting is a feature-rich platform for Windows virtual private servers (VPS) and cloud web hosting. Its free plan will only allow you to host one website. This package allows for up to 5000 monthly visitors. Unlike other free WordPress hosting services, it includes email addresses as part of the basic package.


  • DDoS protection is provided by AccuWeb Hosting on a multi-layer basis.
  • Custom domain names are an option.
  • With SSD SSDs, you’ll receive lightning-fast webpages.
  • With the free plan, you get 25 email addresses and 10 MySQL databases.


  • It comes with ten MySQL databases.
  • It has a free package that includes email and FTP accounts.

Cons: With the free plan, you’ll only get restricted ticket help.

Technical Details

WebsitesDaily BackupBandwidthDisk SpaceUptime
1No30 GB/month2 GB SSD Storage

Price: The free plan is free for the rest of your life. The monthly premium plans start at $3.49.

5) X10 Hosting

X10hosting is a web hosting company. It offers limitless cloud hosting for free. The most recent versions of PHP, MySQL, and cPanel will be installed. Cloud SSD Servers will power the free web hosting. You will receive one-click web software as well as a simple website builder.


  • It includes scripts for automatic installation. You will have immediate access to over 200 free scripts.
  • It is a free website builder that includes more than 150 fully configurable layouts.
  • It comes with a robust control panel and cPanel.


  • It offers unrestricted bandwidth and storage space.
  • It comes with the most up-to-date versions of cPanel, PHP, and MySQL.

Cons: It does not come with an SSL certificate.

Technical Details

WebsitesDaily BackupBandwidthDisk SpaceUptime

Price: Monthly ($6.95 per month), 1 Year ($5.95 per month), 2 Years ($4.95 per month), and 3 Years ($3.95 per month) are all paid options.

6) Byethost


Byethost offers free web hosting with unlimited disc space, free technical support, and clustered servers. The free plan comes with a lot of features. Softaculous script installer is included.


  • You will be given an FTP account as well as a File Manager.
  • There will be no monthly transfer limits.
  • There will be an unlimited number of add-on and parked domains available.
  • It comes with an infinite number of MySQL databases.


  • It has an Automatic Script Installer feature.
  • This is an ad-free, load-balanced, unlimited web hosting service.

Cons: According to user feedback, the site builder is poor, and SSL certificates are self-signed.

Technical Details

WebsitesDaily BackupBandwidthDisk SpaceUptime
Not mentionedUnlimited

Price: Premium subscriptions start at $4.99 per month.

7) Awardspace


Awardspace is a website that offers free WordPress hosting. Small blog websites, news media, and concept launching can all benefit from it. The free plan allows for around 5000 visits each month. It comes with one email address, a MySQL database, and access to webmail.


  • It gives incredibly rapid assistance with WordPress free hosting, unlike its competitors.
  • With this free hosting, you’ll be able to create four websites, each with its own domain and three subdomains.
  • It will enable you to monetise your website through advertisements, affiliate marketing, or other innovative methods.


  • It is completely ad-free.
  • It offers customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cons: It only offers a few data center choices.

Technical Details

WebsitesDaily BackupBandwidthDisk SpaceUptime
45 GB1 GB0.999

Price: The monthly fee for the premium plan is $0.18. It comes with a money-back guarantee of 30 days. The free hosting is available for an indefinite period of time.


BizNF offers PHP5 and MySQL-based WordPress hosting for free. There will be no advertisements. offers two unlimited Web Hosting options, one of which is free. It has a variety of plugins, including SEO plugins, Photo & Video Content Plugins, Admin Extensions, and so on.


  • It comes with one email address.
  • It supports PHP 5, PHP 7 hosting, CGI, and over 3200 Perl modules for server-side scripting.
  • It supports MySQL v.5 databases and has a database storage capacity of 30 MB.
  • For website management, you’ll get one FTP account, a control panel, and a web-based file manager.


  • It offers customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • There will be no advertisements. There are no popup ads, text link ads, or banner ads.


  • The free plan does not include data backups, and even the expensive plan includes automatic data backup on a weekly basis.
  • E-commerce facilities such as a shopping cart, a shared SSL server, and password-protected areas are not available.

Technical Details

WebsitesDaily BackupBandwidthDisk SpaceUptime
4No data backup with a free plan.5 GB per month1GB99.9% or less

Price: The premium plans start at $4.95 per month and go up from there. A 30-day money-back guarantee is included.

9) 100Webspace


A multi-language control panel is available from 100webspace. With the free web hosting plan, you get one hosted domain and three email addresses.

Dedicated IP addresses, ID protection, and mailing lists are among the optional options. The new website can take use of its free plan. This free plan comes with Web Apps Installer.


  • ZFS Storage, fast account activation, Shared SSL, SSD Data Caching, and Website Accelerators are all standard features of 100webspace.
  • It supports 5 subdomains and an infinite number of parked domains.
  • It supports PHP4, PHP5, and PHP7 programming languages, as well as MySQL v.5 databases.
  • It will display site statistics such as FTP and load statistics.


  • It offers customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • There are free website templates accessible.

Cons:  Small banner advertising are a disadvantage.

Technical Details

WebsitesDaily BackupBandwidthDisk SpaceUptime
3 GB per month100 MB0.999

Price: 100Webspace offers three different pricing plans, all of which start at $0.99 per month. With all paid plans, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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10) WPnode


WPnode is a WordPress web hosting service that is absolutely free. The services will be both quick and safe. WPnode uses LEMP Stack, W3 EDGE, CloudFlare, Roundcube, phpMyAdmin, and SFTP to provide you with speed, security, and ease of use.


  • You can utilize WPnode’s free plan for an infinite number of WordPress sites.
  • It enables unrestricted data transport.
  • It offers a free email account with 1GB of storage.
  • With Cloudflare, it offers DDoS protection.


  • It comes with pre-installed tools for uploading and downloading files, as well as database management.
  • There will be no advertisements and there will be no contract.


  • It lacks a backup feature and an email service.
  • There will be no Script Auto Installer accessible.

Technical Details

WebsitesDaily BackupBandwidthDisk SpaceUptime
 No10 GB1 GB 

Price:  The premium plans start at $3.92 per month and go up from there. All paid programmes come with a money-back guarantee that can be used at any time.

11) Freehostia


A free web hosting plan from Freehostia includes five hosted domains, three email accounts, and one MySQL database. It comes with 10 MB of MySQL storage. PHP apps, WordPress, Joomla, and PrestaShop will all be supported by all web hosting services. It also provides over 50 free applications.


  • It offers customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • It offers a free installer for web applications.
  • It includes statistics on traffic, CPU usage, and server information.
  • It contains a Control Panel that may be used in a variety of languages.
  • It allows you to create password-protected directories.


  • There will be no advertisements.
  • It offers over 50 free programmes that can be downloaded in a single click.

Cons: Only the premium plans come with free domain names.

Technical Details

WebsitesDaily BackupBandwidthDisk SpaceUptime
1 6 GB Per month250 MB 

Price:  Watercircle, Lovebeat, Wildhoney, and Supernatural are the four web hosting plans available. The monthly fee starts at $2.95. It also offers VPS and semi-dedicated hosting solutions.


All of the greatest free WordPress hosting services are listed here. Password-protected directories, instant backups, and instant activation will all be provided by 000webhost. will provide detailed data, SEO tools, and a user-friendly editor.

Free migrations, SSL, and CDN will be provided by Cloud The free plan from Accu Web Hosting includes 25 email accounts and 10 MySQL databases.

With a free plan from X10hosting, you get unlimited bandwidth and disc space. Byethost offers free assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, five email addresses, and unlimited monthly transfers. With the free plan, Awardspace delivers quick assistance and services for up to four websites.

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