• Starlink, an overview

    Starlink, an overview

    The fastest evolved technology that has taken over us in the past few years is the Internet. Will we be able to live a life without the Internet in the future? It is definitely a no-no to most of us, but while you scroll through this article, more than half of the world’s population is […]

  • SpaceX Mars mission: Era of Reality vs Dream

    SpaceX Mars mission: Era of Reality vs Dream

    One of the biggest dreams of humanity always has been discovering the mysteries of the universe. Nevertheless, despite we have advanced a lot from the beginning of time, there are tons of things that we do not understand. From the first centuries, people watch the moon without know certainty of what this shining circle was. […]

  • What is SpaceX

    What is SpaceX

    Do you know who is the second wealthiest man in the World, according to Forbes 2021 Billionaire List? That position is now owned by a businessman, Elon Musk. The South African-born American entrepreneur Elon Musk is known for founding SpaceX in 2002 and Tesla Motors in 2003. Musk made headlines, when SpaceX launched a rocket, […]