Top High DA Guest Posting Sites List 2021

Guest Posting Sites

Come within reach of some fantastic benefits of guest posting if you want to raise brand awareness and acquire the confidence of a large number of individuals. This is beneficial to both you and your company. It is one of the most effective methods for establishing relationships, professional ties, and brand importance.

Writing is, without a question, a passion for many people. As time passes and blog posts become in popularity, businesses take advantage of the opportunity to write on a variety of themes connected to their industry in order to meet the needs of their target audience.

Guest Posting Sites
Guest Posting Sites

Writing blogs and articles for other websites is known as guest blogging. Several websites require content that is relevant to their sites. Backlinks in the author’s bio are allowed on free guest blogging sites to ensure that the blogger can benefit from the traffic that the blog posting site attracts.

Benefits of Guest Blogging On Free Guest Post Sites:

Increases organic traffic:

Many people use guest posting sites to help with SEO. Your web pages will perform better if you have more backlinks. Each link contributes to the growth of organic traffic. If done correctly, this can be as easy as post-driving sales.

Boosts social media following

It’s simple to win your target audience via guest posting. It not only encourages others to share your content, but it also boosts the number of people that follow you. As a result, provide information that meets their needs.


Guest writing is a terrific approach to make your presence felt online by ensuring that your views and interests are communicated to the audience. Nobody can stop you from delivering the information you wish to offer if you have unique thoughts and engaging themes.

Improves writing knowledge :

Nobody is an expert writer. You are an experienced person because of your patience and practise. Write a blog entry on a topic that interests you, and you’ll be noticed on a large scale in no time. Don’t give up if your post is denied. You can improve your writing by amending and resubmit the post according to the editor’s rules.

Build authority :

Quality is the most important factor to consider when it comes to making a website successful and relevant. Your articles should be well-written and educational. The search bots prefer websites that provide useful information. You may simply associate with top bloggers in your domain by using free guest posting services.

Keep these suggestions in mind and take actions to increase your productivity, which you can do by using free guest writing services. Don’t forget that guest posting is the most important step in achieving online marketing success. Also, don’t jump into anything without first giving it some thought.

Top High-Quality DoFollow Free Guest Posting Sites List

ShoutMeLoudShoutMeLoud.comOpens in a new tab. | Submit Guest PostOpens in a new tab.

Content Marketing Institue: Submission guidelinesOpens in a new tab.

HubSpot: Submission guidelinesOpens in a new tab.

Outbrain: Submission guidelinesOpens in a new tab. Submit Guest PostOpens in a new tab.

Smashing Magazine: Guest post guidelinesOpens in a new tab.

Inc42: Contact for guest postOpens in a new tab.

YourStory: Submit guest postOpens in a new tab.

Daily Blog Tips: Daily Blog TipsOpens in a new tab. | Submit Guest PostOpens in a new tab.

The Huffington PostSubmission GuidelinesOpens in a new tab.

The Sits girlsHow to submitOpens in a new tab.

HellBound BloggersWrite for usOpens in a new tab.

List of free Guest Posting Sites with High DA PA

Blogging, Lifestyle & Entertainment Guest Posting Sites

Sr. No. Guest Posting Sites Domain Authority
1 in a new tab.98
2 in a new tab.93
3 in a new tab.93
4 in a new tab.91
5 in a new tab.91
6 in a new tab.90
7 in a new tab.88
8 in a new tab.87
9 in a new tab.83
10 in a new tab.77
11 in a new tab.75
12 in a new tab.67
13 in a new tab.67
14 in a new tab.65
15 in a new tab.65
16 in a new tab.61
17 in a new tab.60
18 in a new tab.59
19 in a new tab.58
20 in a new tab.56
21 in a new tab.56
22 in a new tab.54
23 in a new tab.54
24 in a new tab.51
25 in a new tab.51

Business, Finance & General Marketing Guest Posting Sites

Sr. No. Guest Posting Sites Domain Authority
1 in a new tab.97
2 in a new tab.95
3 in a new tab.94
4 in a new tab.92
5 in a new tab.92
6 in a new tab.92
7 in a new tab.91
8 in a new tab.90
9 in a new tab.90
10 in a new tab.87
11 in a new tab.84
12 in a new tab.83
13 in a new tab.82
14 in a new tab.81
15 in a new tab.80
16 in a new tab.79
17 in a new tab.76
18 in a new tab.74
19 in a new tab.73
20 in a new tab.70
21 in a new tab.69
22 in a new tab.69
23 in a new tab.69
24 in a new tab.69
25 in a new tab.68

Digital Marketing, Social Media & SEO Guest Posting Sites

Sr. No. Guest Posting Sites Domain Authority
1 in a new tab.97
2 in a new tab.95
3 in a new tab.92
4 in a new tab.91
5 in a new tab.91
6 in a new tab.89
7 in a new tab.88
8 in a new tab.86
9 in a new tab.86
10 in a new tab.84
11 in a new tab.84
12 in a new tab.84
13 in a new tab.84
14 in a new tab.84
15 in a new tab.83
16 in a new tab.83
17 in a new tab.82
18 in a new tab.80
19 in a new tab.80
20 in a new tab.80
21 in a new tab.80
22 in a new tab.79
23 in a new tab.74
24 in a new tab.74
25 in a new tab.73

Technology, Gadgets & Computers Guest Posting Sites

Sr. No. Guest Posting Sites Domain Authority
1 in a new tab.97
2 in a new tab.94
3 in a new tab.94
4 in a new tab.94
5 in a new tab.93
6 in a new tab.91
7 in a new tab.90
8 in a new tab.88
9 in a new tab.88
10 in a new tab.85
11 in a new tab.83
12 in a new tab.74
13 in a new tab.73
14 in a new tab.73
15 in a new tab.70
16 in a new tab.69
17 in a new tab.61
18 in a new tab.49
19 in a new tab.44
20 in a new tab.44
21 in a new tab.41
22 in a new tab.41
23 in a new tab.35
24 in a new tab.34
25 in a new tab.28


To begin, look for blogs that fit your category or area. There are hundreds of thousands of blog sites, but only those that accept other people’s writing are required, as some sites choose to post just their own. So, instead of wasting your time and effort, you should look for sites that are willing to accept.

Second, you must identify blog sites with high Domain Authority and Relevance.

write for us
write for us

Third, you’ll look to see whether the website has any advertising above the fold; if it does, and there are more than two, you should leave because the site owner’s intention is to generate money through ads rather than produce content for the audience. This can be found on the blog post page similar to this.

guest post process
guest post process

The fourth phase entails determining whether or not the search engines are properly indexing that specific site. This may be confirmed by copying the title or URL of a recently published item, as it is unique, and searching it on Google or another search engine; if it comes up first, it is indexed; if not, it is not yet indexed.

If any of the search engines aren’t showing the article, go to another earlier piece on the same site and repeat the process (another older post) until you can figure out when and which article Google or any other search engine crawled or indexed the most recently. This will give you an indication of how often a search engine sees that page.

After you’ve completed these four stages, you’ll need to determine how many words the blog site requires, and you’ll need to check the submission rules for an exact or minimum word count.

guest post submission on Iquelab
guest post submission on Iquelab

The answer to how many hyperlinks we can produce or create in a single blog article is one for each site, depending on its naturalness and relevancy. If you establish more than one, it may appear that the link is bought or reciprocal, which is a black hat SEO tactic.

anchor text
anchor text

The next step is to check the position of links in the blog post; there are three possible places to establish links: first in the BODY of the article, second in the Author Bio, and third in the Blog Comments.

The best one to include is BODY (looks natural even if you don’t use the precise term in it)-it leads search engines to believe that the link is a referral link provided by the site owner.

The last one is in the comments section of the post, where clearly search engines can detect that the link is given by the post author, and the first one is in the Author Bio, where clearly search engines can detect that the link is given by the post author, and the last one is in the Author Bio, where clearly search engines can detect that the link is given by the post author, but that must also be natural, or the site owner will not accept because search engines can assume it is against the guidelines and penalize it.

Guest posting is a link-building activity, but you’ll get the most out of it if you acquire a DoFollow link, which passes the link juice from the site you’re linking to. If you get a no-follow link, it won’t benefit you as much as a do-follow link because it doesn’t have any link juice attached to it; the only benefit you’ll gain is traffic.

Furthermore, certain sites require a link builder to check TONE before contacting the blogging site. The tone is essentially how it should be written; some say it should be nice and casual, while others believe it should be written in the first person, as in, it should speak about your own personal or group experience. It can also be written in the third or second person.

Finally, there are a few more things to consider before making contact, such as:

  • To be considered, send us your article titles, pitches, or full articles with this [SPECIFIC SUBJECT]. Although the word limit is important, the information submitted should not be incomplete.
  • Only Accept Fresh Articles, which means you must check using their search bars whether the article you are sending them is already on their website or not; if it is not, it will only be useful; otherwise, it will be a waste of time.
  • If we do not respond within 15 days, please do not send a reminder; presume that your item has been rejected and that you may post it elsewhere. They may request links to existing blog posts in order to assess your quality.
  • Bloggers review the article before it is published; if they find any difficulties, they will fix minor errors themselves; if they find any substantial issues or adjustments, they will send you back for revisions. If your approved content receives a comment or a question, what should you do? If the author of the article does not respond, the site has the ability to remove all links and the author bio.

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