Top Image Submission Sites list 2021 for SEO

Building High Authority Backlinks with a Massive List of Image Submission Sites in 2021.Get a Category-by-Category look at what you’re looking for. List of Image Submission Sites with High DA, PR, Do-Follow, and Instant Approval. With these high-DA photo submission sites, you can quickly build new DoFollow backlinks.

We’ve compiled a list of High Domain Authority Image Submission Sites where you may submit an article and receive high-quality backlinks that will help you build your website’s authority.

With the help of this article, you will be able to get hundreds of quality backing form high authority websites.

Image Submission entails posting your website’s image on other websites in order to engage with people, and it aids in the creation of high-quality backlinks and referral traffic to your site.

Using high-authority Image Submission Sites will increase the quantity of backlinks to your website.

How Image Submission Sites Help Web Me Tools in SEO

This strategy is also used to create backlinks for our website,

Hundreds of websites are commented on by our SEO Experts and Team members.

Some of the websites are in our niche (which is highly advantageous), while others are Instant Approval (which is also beneficial), and still others are Do-Follow (That helps us increase our authority).

We believe that this list of new and Image Submission Sites will assist you in increasing the authority of your website and improving its organic ranking.
Best of Luck!

InstagramOpens in a new tab., Imgur, Flickr, Photobucket, DeviantArt, Shutterfly, and WeHeartIt are among the most popular Image Submission services. Due to the search engine’s removal of page rank, high da Image Submission Sites are now the most crucial element.

Image Submission is an important feature of off-page optimization, especially if your website is a commerce site. Because Instagram and Pinterest are so popular, you can use High DA Dofollow Image Submission Websites to gain authority backlinks for your website.

This post will teach you all you need to know about link-building with picture or photo submission sites. It’s the most straightforward technique to obtain high-quality backlinks and boost the visibility of your web pages in search results.

Because the mix of both types makes backlinks natural in the eyes of search engines, we’re sharing high DA DoFollow and Nofollow Image Sharing websites for your photo sharing.

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What is Image Submission?

Image submission is a technique for getting high domain authority backlinks by hosting or posting your image content on various image-sharing services.

Content marketing and off-page SEO both include image sharing. It’s a quick and simple technique to get organic backlinks and leads for your products or services.

How to use Image Submission Sites for Links

Getting connections from Image Submission Sites is simple; all you have to do is publish some photographs on the site where you want to add links to your website.

To get a better result while hosting or posting your images and photos to an image submission website, you must follow the following rules:

  • Make sure your ALT tags and titles are correct.
  • Do not post photographs that have been duplicated.
  • Send in high-resolution photos.
  • Choose websites with a lot of authority.

Benefits of Image Submission Sites

  • Increase the domain’s authority and rating.
  • Improve Organic Search Traffic by Getting Direct Traffic to Your Website.
  • Improve the organic ranking of your keywords
  • Website Promotion & Branding
  • It assists with indexing.
  • Get Subscriptions & Leads
  • Develop a variety of link-building profiles.
  • Increasing the number of referring domains is a good idea.

1. Increase Domain Authority & Rating

Yes, if you share images from DA Do Follow pages, your site will gain some link juice from those pages, boosting your domain authority.

Image upload on sites with a high domain authority (DA) signals to search engines that your content is valuable. They boost your authority and trustworthiness. This raises your ranking for business-related keywords.

2. Get Direct Traffic on Website

Image Submission is exchanged within networks, allowing additional users to view the blog who might not have found it otherwise. Increase the number of visitors to your website

These users will promote the link among their own social groups as they visit and share the page, establishing a fast-moving viral advertising network of backlinks.

3. Improve Organic Search Traffic

Linking to Image Submission Sites with a high domain authority (DA) signals to search engines that your content is valuable. They boost your authority and trustworthiness. This raises your ranking for business-related keywords.

Many SEO marketers feel that Image Submission Sites just supply hyperlinks to such referral traffic, and that this traffic can help boost the website’s organic rating.

4. Improve your Keywords Organic Rank

You’ll want to give your content a boost once you’ve started posting high-quality material. Do you want to boost your website’s traffic for free? Increase your organic website traffic instead of paying for ads by bookmarking posts and indexing sites yourself.

Using these websites, you can add keyword tags to material so that people can find relevant articles quickly through a search.

This also aids in the development of better backlinks and the advancement of search engine rankings.

5. Website Branding & Promotion

In simple terms, it is the process of marking and saving a webpage for future use and reference. Instead than being saved in your own web browser, these labelled webpages are preserved on the internet. It allows users to add, comment, edit, and share website bookmarks. Image sharing is an effective way to promote a website.

Image sharing can help you build your brand and credibility. You get more focused traffic when you obtain more votes or shares from the audience, which frequently leads to a larger subscription base. People provide their email addresses in order to receive the most recent posts from your website. This list of subscribers is a fantastic resource for you.

6. It Helps in Indexing

The easier indexing of blog entries is aided by image submission. Users can share a post they enjoy and find beneficial if you publish it on your blog and send the link to a number of Image Submission Sites. It will also convey signals to Google, indicating that your article rating is valid.

Indexing is the process of Google updating and storing data. Image Submission aids Google algorithms in locating and comprehending your material. The indexing process is sped up. The search engine detects and ranks your material more quickly than if you didn’t use bookmarks.

7. Get Leads & Subscriptions

In contrast to search engines, image submission involves other people ranking and tagging your material. As a result, you don’t need to be a Google “keyword wiz” or rely on their bots to bring visitors to your site.

The links that each user accesses are likewise tracked by Image Submission Sites. A backlink is created when your material appears on an Image Sharing site. The link will take you back to the original site.

8. Diversify your Link Building Profiles

The approach of getting inbound links from various types of pages is known as link diversity ( for example directories, articles, news links). Obtaining links from a range of domains, such,.com,.net, and so on, is also known as link diversity.

Link diversity refers to the use of a range of different sorts of links to create a completely random footprint that the algorithm can’t track and thus can’t penalise. Backlink diversity also aids the ranking process by removing any potential stumbling obstacles.

9. Increase the Number of Referring Domains

Another technique to make advantage of social bookmarking software is to increase the number of referring domains. As a marketer, whenever you come across an article about social media marketing, mark it as “Social Media” so that the social media team can find it.

Additionally, once a member of the team has access to the Image Sharing platform, they may log in on a daily basis to obtain the tools they require.

Image Sharing is used by well-known companies and news organizations to promote their products and news. Assist them in reaching out to a large number of internet users at the lowest possible cost.

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Tips for Effective Image Submission on websites

I’ll provide you some pointers for good image sharing in this article.

  • While sharing images, always use different titles, descriptions, and anchor text.
  • Use high-resolution images. The quality of your photographs affects your rankings, subscription rates, and click-through rates.
  • Always pick titles that are both fascinating and relevant. Don’t fill your titles with too many keywords.
  • Never utilise automatic tools that link your photographs to dozens of other websites.
  • Only appropriate categories should be selected when sharing images.

Top Free High DA Image Sharing Sites

Sr. No. High DA Image Sharing Sites Domain Authority (DA)
1vk.comOpens in a new tab.96
2facebook.comOpens in a new tab.95
3myspace.comOpens in a new tab.95
4mediafire.comOpens in a new tab.95 in a new tab.95
6dropbox.comOpens in a new tab.95
7in.pinterest.comOpens in a new tab.94
8instagram.comOpens in a new tab.93
9twitter.comOpens in a new tab.93
10photobucket.comOpens in a new tab.93
114shared.comOpens in a new tab.93 in a new tab.93
13imageshack.usOpens in a new tab.93
14yourshot.nationalgeographic.comOpens in a new tab.93 in a new tab.93
16pixabay.comOpens in a new tab.93
17taringa.netOpens in a new tab.93
18flickr.comOpens in a new tab.92
19imgur.comOpens in a new tab.92
20dreamstime.comOpens in a new tab.92
21scoop.itOpens in a new tab.92
22diigo.comOpens in a new tab.90
23cloudinary.comOpens in a new tab.90
24imageshack.comOpens in a new tab.90
25houzz.comOpens in a new tab.90
26Postimage.orgOpens in a new tab.90
27justpaste.itOpens in a new tab.89
28dpreview.comOpens in a new tab.88
29imgbb.comOpens in a new tab.88
30ebaumsworld.comOpens in a new tab.88
31postimages.orgOpens in a new tab.88
32twitpic.comOpens in a new tab.88
33imagevenue.comOpens in a new tab.87
34fotolog.comOpens in a new tab.87
35pixlr.comOpens in a new tab.87
36500px.comOpens in a new tab.86
37redbubble.comOpens in a new tab.86
38imagebam.comOpens in a new tab.84
39photo.netOpens in a new tab.83
40freeimagehosting.netOpens in a new tab.83
41pbase.comOpens in a new tab.82
42fanpop.comOpens in a new tab.82
43snapfish.comOpens in a new tab.82
44myheritage.comOpens in a new tab.81
45tumblr.comOpens in a new tab.80
46fineartamerica.comOpens in a new tab.80
47webshots.comOpens in a new tab.80
48fotki.comOpens in a new tab.79
49yfrog.comOpens in a new tab.58
50weheartit.comOpens in a new tab.78
51visual.lyOpens in a new tab.78
52fancy.comOpens in a new tab.77
53picturepush.comOpens in a new tab.77
54ge.ttOpens in a new tab.76
55lomography.comOpens in a new tab.76
56picturetrail.comOpens in a new tab.76
57mobypicture.comOpens in a new tab.76
58lookbook.nuOpens in a new tab.76
59myalbum.comOpens in a new tab.75
60funnyjunk.comOpens in a new tab.75
61wanelo.comOpens in a new tab.75
62befunky.comOpens in a new tab.75
63morguefile.comOpens in a new tab.74
64ctrlq.orgOpens in a new tab.69
65deviantart.comOpens in a new tab.67
66imgsafe.orgOpens in a new tab.67 in a new tab.67
68ipernity.comOpens in a new tab.65
69turboimagehost.comOpens in a new tab.65
70pixieset.comOpens in a new tab.65
71gifyu.comOpens in a new tab.65
72cincopa.comOpens in a new tab.65
73imgup.netOpens in a new tab.65
74imagefra.meOpens in a new tab.64 in a new tab.64
76indulgy.comOpens in a new tab.64
77imageevent.comOpens in a new tab.63
78keepandshare.comOpens in a new tab.62
79krop.comOpens in a new tab.62
80dropshots.comOpens in a new tab.60
81phanfare.comOpens in a new tab.60
82irista.comOpens in a new tab.59
83use.comOpens in a new tab.58
84fotothing.comOpens in a new tab.58
85manteresting.comOpens in a new tab.57
86slickpic.comOpens in a new tab.56
87betterphoto.comOpens in a new tab.56
88aminus3.comOpens in a new tab.55
8923hq.comOpens in a new tab.55
90thefreesite.comOpens in a new tab.55
91metroflog.comOpens in a new tab.55
92vi.sualize.usOpens in a new tab.55
93pict.comOpens in a new tab.55
94youpic.comOpens in a new tab.54
95myphotoalbum.comOpens in a new tab.54
96shutterfly.comOpens in a new tab.53
97yogile.comOpens in a new tab.53
98postimage.ioOpens in a new tab.53
99dayviews.comOpens in a new tab.52
100blujay.comOpens in a new tab.51 in a new tab.51
102photosig.comOpens in a new tab.51
103twitxr.comOpens in a new tab.51
104artlimited.netOpens in a new tab.51
105fotobabble.comOpens in a new tab.50
106woophy.comOpens in a new tab.50
107storeboard.comOpens in a new tab.50
108smugmug.comOpens in a new tab.49
109chevereto.comOpens in a new tab.49
110imgsrc.ruOpens in a new tab.49
111imgfave.comOpens in a new tab.49
112stipple.comOpens in a new tab.49
113gifboom.comOpens in a new tab.49
114winkflash.comOpens in a new tab.48
115skyrock.comOpens in a new tab.48
116juxtapost.comOpens in a new tab.48
117pix.ieOpens in a new tab.48
118pixady.comOpens in a new tab.47
119piccsy.comOpens in a new tab.47
120ritzpix.comOpens in a new tab.46
121clipix.comOpens in a new tab.45
122skinnyscoop.comOpens in a new tab.43
123myotherdrive.comOpens in a new tab.42
124imageno.comOpens in a new tab.42
125picturesocial.comOpens in a new tab.42
126lafango.comOpens in a new tab.42
127expono.comOpens in a new tab.41
128pinspire.comOpens in a new tab.41
129yuuby.comOpens in a new tab.39
130imgbin.orgOpens in a new tab.39

How to Use Image Submission Sites for Rank

For “Image SEO,” all photographs on a website must be contributed or shared in order for search engines to crawl and index them. It’s dubbed Image SEO because search engines can’t understand images unless they’ve been optimised with alt tags, thus photographs aren’t crawled or indexed.
The following elements must be present in a good image submission:

Proper Image File Format

The picture file format is critical when it comes to having a decent search engine optimization result. The most common image file formats used in picture submission are JPEG, GIF, and PNG.

Proper Image Selection

You must submit an original image that is free of watermarks and has not been reproduced from any source. Otherwise, your submission would be rejected by the directories.

Image Optimization

Image optimization must be done correctly to avoid compromising the image’s quality and maybe reducing the image’s size. This significantly reduces the time it takes for a photograph to load on a website.

Alternative Text

It has been discovered that we frequently miss alternate text, which has been shown to have a detrimental impact on long-term SEO performance. Try to think of a decent alternative wording that goes with the image.

Image Description

The image description is also important because it helps define the image. A correct image definition is required for SEO to work effectively.

You can submit your photographs to image submission sites like Pinterest, Flickr, and Instagram to achieve good SEO results. An image can be uploaded to infographic sites if it is truly amazing.

Why Choose Image Submission Sites?

These platforms are used by the majority of webmasters and SEOs to build high-quality backlinks to their websites. A user can upload or host high-quality and royalty-free image content in their directory using free image sharing websites or image posting services. Here are some of the best reasons to go with them:

  • You have the ability to attract a following.
  • You have the chance to demonstrate your abilities.
  • Backlinks with a high DA can be created.
  • You will see an increase in the number of people visiting your website.

FAQs – High Authority Image Submission Sites List

What are Image Submission Sites?

Image submission is a technique for getting high domain authority backlinks by hosting or posting your image content on various image-sharing services. Content marketing and off-page SEO both include image sharing. It’s a quick and simple technique to get organic backlinks and leads for your products or services.

Why is Image Submission Important in SEO?

Image submission, in 2021, will be one of the most successful off-page SEO tactics for building high-quality backlinks and driving organic traffic to a website. Whether you’re a digital marketer or an SEO specialist, image submission platforms can help you easily enhance your backlink graph and organic traffic.

Why Choose Image Submission Sites?

These platforms are used by the majority of webmasters and SEOs to build high-quality backlinks to their websites. Users can publish or host high-quality and royalty-free picture content in their directory using free Image Submission or image-posting websites.

What are the Best Free Image Submission Sites?

All of the sites have a high domain authority and will assist you in increasing the authority of your website.


How to Submit Images on Image Submission Sites?

  • If you wish to submit an image, you must first create an account on the Image Submission Site.
  • Sharing photographs on Tumbler, then creating an account and logging in.
  • Add a meaningful title and description to your photograph, then upload it.
  • You can submit as many images as you wish.


The authority of the domain is high. You would not be required to pay any money to any of the Image Submission Sites in order to distribute your website photographs because they are all free. Before you can start sharing your images, you must first register and fill out a few details.

Remember to utilise appropriately targeted keywords in the title and description, as well as alt tags, when uploading your assets so that the search engine understands what the image is about.

In order to attract Internet users In terms of SEO, images are really crucial. People prefer visuals to reading monotonous words because images better explain what you want to say.

Image Submission Sites, an important aspect of SEO, are the greatest approach to acquire a steady stream of visitors to your website by submitting relevant images to various Image Submission sites.

In this post, we’ve covered all you need to know about image sharing and free image sharing services in India.

We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to boost the amount of backlinks pointing to your website in 2021, as well as organic traffic.

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