Top Off-Page SEO Submission Sites Lists 2021 for Best Ranking


Top Social Bookmarking Sites List 2021

What is Social Bookmarking?

Let’s split the term social + bookmarking. It means bookmarking your website on social platforms as they have a huge traffic of visitors. Social Platforms: Where most users visit and interact with each other.

Bookmarks: Saving a link of your website (your website URL) on Bookmarking platforms to generate quality backlinks and traffic.

As a result, in SEO terms, it is an online submission activity that falls under off-page SEO and allows any registered user to exchange web link bookmarks.

Importance of Social Bookmarking:

By allowing you to optimise bookmarks for your material and share it with others, social bookmarking has surely improved the perspective of search engine ranking for your websites and blogs. The importance of social bookmarking can be demonstrated in the following points.

Increase in traffic to the website:

One of the simplest ways to attract the correct demographics of customers to your website is through social bookmarking. Users and audiences will be able to access your website more easily if they search for a specific topic on which you might write material if you build a social bookmark.


If your blog or website is intended to generate revenue, increased visitors means more money in your pocket. If you have a website that sells commodities or a blog that pays you royalties, having a larger audience visiting your blog is critical, and Social Bookmarking can help.


Because social bookmarking is done by humans, a bot cannot use this method. As a result, all of the social bookmarks would be natural, making your site/blog more visible to more people online and enhancing your popularity.

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List of Emerging Social Bookmarking Sites

NO.Emerging Social Bookmarking SitesDomain Authority (DA)

List of High DA Social Bookmarking Sites

NO.High DA Social Bookmarking SitesDomain Authority (DA)

Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2021

NO.High DA Social Bookmarking SitesDomain Authority (DA)

High Quality Social Bookmarking Sites

NO.High DA Social Bookmarking SitesDomain Authority (DA)

Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites Below 50 DA

NO.Dofollow Social Bookmarking SitesDomain Authority (DA)

Top Image Submission Sites list 2021 for SEO

What is Image Submission?

Image submission is a technique for getting high domain authority backlinks by hosting or posting your image content on various image-sharing services.

Content marketing and off-page SEO both include image sharing. It’s a quick and simple technique to get organic backlinks and leads for your products or services.

Benefits of Image Submission Sites

  • Increase the domain’s authority and rating.
  • Improve Organic Search Traffic by Getting Direct Traffic to Your Website.
  • Improve the organic ranking of your keywords
  • Website Promotion & Branding
  • It assists with indexing.
  • Get Subscriptions & Leads
  • Develop a variety of link-building profiles.
  • Increasing the number of referring domains is a good idea.

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1. Increase Domain Authority & Rating

Yes, if you share images from DA Do Follow pages, your site will gain some link juice from those pages, boosting your domain authority.

Image upload on sites with a high domain authority (DA) signals to search engines that your content is valuable. They boost your authority and trustworthiness. This raises your ranking for business-related keywords.

2. Get Direct Traffic on Website

Image Submission is exchanged within networks, allowing additional users to view the blog who might not have found it otherwise. Increase the number of visitors to your website

These users will promote the link among their own social groups as they visit and share the page, establishing a fast-moving viral advertising network of backlinks.

free backlinks makerOpens in a new tab.
free backlinks maker

3. Improve Organic Search Traffic

Linking to Image Submission Sites with a high domain authority (DA) signals to search engines that your content is valuable. They boost your authority and trustworthiness. This raises your ranking for business-related keywords.

Many SEO marketers feel that Image Submission Sites just supply hyperlinks to such referral traffic, and that this traffic can help boost the website’s organic rating.

4. Improve your Keywords Organic Rank

You’ll want to give your content a boost once you’ve started posting high-quality material. Do you want to boost your website’s traffic for free? Increase your organic website traffic instead of paying for ads by bookmarking posts and indexing sites yourself.

Using these websites, you can add keyword tags to material so that people can find relevant articles quickly through a search.

This also aids in the development of better backlinks and the advancement of search engine rankings.

5. Website Branding & Promotion

In simple terms, it is the process of marking and saving a webpage for future use and reference. Instead than being saved in your own web browser, these labelled webpages are preserved on the internet. It allows users to add, comment, edit, and share website bookmarks. Image sharing is an effective way to promote a website.

Image sharing can help you build your brand and credibility. You get more focused traffic when you obtain more votes or shares from the audience, which frequently leads to a larger subscription base. People provide their email addresses in order to receive the most recent posts from your website. This list of subscribers is a fantastic resource for you.

6. It Helps in Indexing

The easier indexing of blog entries is aided by image submission. Users can share a post they enjoy and find beneficial if you publish it on your blog and send the link to a number of Image Submission Sites. It will also convey signals to Google, indicating that your article rating is valid.

Indexing is the process of Google updating and storing data. Image Submission aids Google algorithms in locating and comprehending your material. The indexing process is sped up. The search engine detects and ranks your material more quickly than if you didn’t use bookmarks.

7. Get Leads & Subscriptions

In contrast to search engines, image submission involves other people ranking and tagging your material. As a result, you don’t need to be a Google “keyword wiz” or rely on their bots to bring visitors to your site.

The links that each user accesses are likewise tracked by Image Submission Sites. A backlink is created when your material appears on an Image Sharing site. The link will take you back to the original site.

8. Diversify your Link Building Profiles

The approach of getting inbound links from various types of pages is known as link diversity ( for example directories, articles, news links). Obtaining links from a range of domains, such,.com,.net, and so on, is also known as link diversity.

Link diversity refers to the use of a range of different sorts of links to create a completely random footprint that the algorithm can’t track and thus can’t penalise. Backlink diversity also aids the ranking process by removing any potential stumbling obstacles.

9. Increase the Number of Referring Domains

Another technique to make advantage of social bookmarking software is to increase the number of referring domains. As a marketer, whenever you come across an article about social media marketing, mark it as “Social Media” so that the social media team can find it.

Additionally, once a member of the team has access to the Image Sharing platform, they may log in on a daily basis to obtain the tools they require.

Image Sharing is used by well-known companies and news organizations to promote their products and news. Assist them in reaching out to a large number of internet users at the lowest possible cost.

Free High DA Image Sharing Sites

Sr. No.High DA Image Sharing SitesDomain Authority (DA)
1vk.comOpens in a new tab.96
2facebook.comOpens in a new tab.95
3myspace.comOpens in a new tab.95
4mediafire.comOpens in a new tab.95 in a new tab.95
6dropbox.comOpens in a new tab.95
7in.pinterest.comOpens in a new tab.94
8instagram.comOpens in a new tab.93
9twitter.comOpens in a new tab.93
10photobucket.comOpens in a new tab.93
114shared.comOpens in a new tab.93 in a new tab.93
13imageshack.usOpens in a new tab.93
14yourshot.nationalgeographic.comOpens in a new tab.93 in a new tab.93
16pixabay.comOpens in a new tab.93
17taringa.netOpens in a new tab.93
18flickr.comOpens in a new tab.92
19imgur.comOpens in a new tab.92
20dreamstime.comOpens in a new tab.92
21scoop.itOpens in a new tab.92
22diigo.comOpens in a new tab.90
23cloudinary.comOpens in a new tab.90
24imageshack.comOpens in a new tab.90
25houzz.comOpens in a new tab.90
26Postimage.orgOpens in a new tab.90
27justpaste.itOpens in a new tab.89
28dpreview.comOpens in a new tab.88
29imgbb.comOpens in a new tab.88
30ebaumsworld.comOpens in a new tab.88
31postimages.orgOpens in a new tab.88
32twitpic.comOpens in a new tab.88
33imagevenue.comOpens in a new tab.87
34fotolog.comOpens in a new tab.87
35pixlr.comOpens in a new tab.87
36500px.comOpens in a new tab.86
37redbubble.comOpens in a new tab.86
38imagebam.comOpens in a new tab.84
39photo.netOpens in a new tab.83
40freeimagehosting.netOpens in a new tab.83
41pbase.comOpens in a new tab.82
42fanpop.comOpens in a new tab.82
43snapfish.comOpens in a new tab.82
44myheritage.comOpens in a new tab.81
45tumblr.comOpens in a new tab.80
46fineartamerica.comOpens in a new tab.80
47webshots.comOpens in a new tab.80
48fotki.comOpens in a new tab.79
49yfrog.comOpens in a new tab.58
50weheartit.comOpens in a new tab.78
51visual.lyOpens in a new tab.78
52fancy.comOpens in a new tab.77
53picturepush.comOpens in a new tab.77
54ge.ttOpens in a new tab.76
55lomography.comOpens in a new tab.76
56picturetrail.comOpens in a new tab.76
57mobypicture.comOpens in a new tab.76
58lookbook.nuOpens in a new tab.76
59myalbum.comOpens in a new tab.75
60funnyjunk.comOpens in a new tab.75
61wanelo.comOpens in a new tab.75
62befunky.comOpens in a new tab.75
63morguefile.comOpens in a new tab.74
64ctrlq.orgOpens in a new tab.69
65deviantart.comOpens in a new tab.67
66imgsafe.orgOpens in a new tab.67 in a new tab.67
68ipernity.comOpens in a new tab.65
69turboimagehost.comOpens in a new tab.65
70pixieset.comOpens in a new tab.65
71gifyu.comOpens in a new tab.65
72cincopa.comOpens in a new tab.65
73imgup.netOpens in a new tab.65
74imagefra.meOpens in a new tab.64 in a new tab.64
76indulgy.comOpens in a new tab.64
77imageevent.comOpens in a new tab.63
78keepandshare.comOpens in a new tab.62
79krop.comOpens in a new tab.62
80dropshots.comOpens in a new tab.60
81phanfare.comOpens in a new tab.60
82irista.comOpens in a new tab.59
83use.comOpens in a new tab.58
84fotothing.comOpens in a new tab.58
85manteresting.comOpens in a new tab.57
86slickpic.comOpens in a new tab.56
87betterphoto.comOpens in a new tab.56
88aminus3.comOpens in a new tab.55
8923hq.comOpens in a new tab.55
90thefreesite.comOpens in a new tab.55
91metroflog.comOpens in a new tab.55
92vi.sualize.usOpens in a new tab.55
93pict.comOpens in a new tab.55
94youpic.comOpens in a new tab.54
95myphotoalbum.comOpens in a new tab.54
96shutterfly.comOpens in a new tab.53
97yogile.comOpens in a new tab.53
98postimage.ioOpens in a new tab.53
99dayviews.comOpens in a new tab.52
100blujay.comOpens in a new tab.51 in a new tab.51
102photosig.comOpens in a new tab.51
103twitxr.comOpens in a new tab.51
104artlimited.netOpens in a new tab.51
105fotobabble.comOpens in a new tab.50
106woophy.comOpens in a new tab.50
107storeboard.comOpens in a new tab.50
108smugmug.comOpens in a new tab.49
109chevereto.comOpens in a new tab.49
110imgsrc.ruOpens in a new tab.49
111imgfave.comOpens in a new tab.49
112stipple.comOpens in a new tab.49
113gifboom.comOpens in a new tab.49
114winkflash.comOpens in a new tab.48
115skyrock.comOpens in a new tab.48
116juxtapost.comOpens in a new tab.48
117pix.ieOpens in a new tab.48
118pixady.comOpens in a new tab.47
119piccsy.comOpens in a new tab.47
120ritzpix.comOpens in a new tab.46
121clipix.comOpens in a new tab.45
122skinnyscoop.comOpens in a new tab.43
123myotherdrive.comOpens in a new tab.42
124imageno.comOpens in a new tab.42
125picturesocial.comOpens in a new tab.42
126lafango.comOpens in a new tab.42
127expono.comOpens in a new tab.41
128pinspire.comOpens in a new tab.41
129yuuby.comOpens in a new tab.39
130imgbin.orgOpens in a new tab.39

Top 100 High DA Directory Submission Sites List 2021

What is Directory Submission & How to Do Website Submission On Directory Submission Site?

Directory submission, which is the most important component of off-page SEO, is the process of submitting website links or URLs, as well as full website details, to a web directory under a certain category.

What is Directory Submission
What is Directory Submission

You may increase the overall SEO of a website by boosting the link building results with directory submission. How? These directories submit your website to another website.

To give you a better understanding of the directory submission concept, consider this scenario: if you have a blog with technical material, you would submit it to a science and technology directory, which is a terrific way to get backlinks for high-ranking websites. In a nutshell, web directories are similar to phone directories.

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Basic directory submission, Normal Directory Submission, and Multiple Directory Submission are the three primary types of directory submissions. A single URL, a single description, and numerous titles are submitted to different categories in this basic directory submission.

Directory of Manuals Numerous descriptions are utilized for multiple titles and one URL in this submission. Multiple Directory Submission: This is where you submit internal URLs (recommended 8-10) of the same site, each with its own title and description.

What Are The Benefits of Directory Submission With Our Directory Submission Sites in India?

We’ve highlighted some of the reasons why you should submit your site to a web directory below. Don’t forget to read them all:

For your website, you can obtain high-quality backlinks. Submitting your website to a directory can help you create links, which will assist search engines consider your website or blog for a first-page ranking among thousands of others.

Do you want your website to get a lot of traffic? Then submit your site to top directories, which receive a large number of visits every day, every hour. This will assist you in reaching your intended audience.

When you submit your site to a directory, it is permanently included on other sites, ensuring excellent search engine indexing.

DoFollow Directory Submission Sites List

Sr. No.Directory Submission SiteDomain Authority
1www.findermaster.comOpens in a new tab.91
2www.wallclassifieds.comOpens in a new tab.79
3www.h1ad.comOpens in a new tab.72
4www.giganticlist.comOpens in a new tab.65
5www.classifiedsfactor.comOpens in a new tab.65
6www.rectanglead.comOpens in a new tab.61
7einternetindex.comOpens in a new tab.61
8hotvsnot.comOpens in a new tab.59
9thedailysubmit.comOpens in a new tab.55
10submissionwebdirectory.comOpens in a new tab.55
11thehillel.orgOpens in a new tab.54
12livepopular.comOpens in a new tab.53
13redlinker.comOpens in a new tab.52
14intercambioseo.comOpens in a new tab.52
15dracodirectory.comOpens in a new tab.52
16ellysdirectory.comOpens in a new tab.52
17dondir.comOpens in a new tab.52
18callyourcountry.comOpens in a new tab.52
19blahoo.netOpens in a new tab.52
20hitwebdirectory.comOpens in a new tab.52
21pakadtrader.comOpens in a new tab.51 in a new tab.51
23litetopia.comOpens in a new tab.51
24firstppt.comOpens in a new tab.51
25www.huludirectory.comOpens in a new tab.51
26cometsdirectory.comOpens in a new tab.51
27generalwebdirectory.orgOpens in a new tab.51
28mohawkdirectory.infoOpens in a new tab.51
29cafelaunch.comOpens in a new tab.51
30celestialdirectory.comOpens in a new tab.51
31www.txtlinks.comOpens in a new tab.51
32www.usgeo.orgOpens in a new tab.51
33www.vbdirectory.infoOpens in a new tab.50
34www.generalbusinesswebdirectory.comOpens in a new tab.50
35directorypink.comOpens in a new tab.50
36thewebdirectory.orgOpens in a new tab.50
37www.linksplaced.comOpens in a new tab.50
38www.citymaildirectory.infoOpens in a new tab.50
39dir.specialistauctions.netOpens in a new tab.50
40www.nuclearland.comOpens in a new tab.49
41www.uklinks.infoOpens in a new tab.49
42www.allindiaservices.comOpens in a new tab.49
43www.0ad1.comOpens in a new tab.49
44www.directoryws.comOpens in a new tab.49
45pmin.orgOpens in a new tab.49
46www.arcwm.orgOpens in a new tab.48
47www.jeitacave.netOpens in a new tab.48
48www.targetsviews.comOpens in a new tab.48 in a new tab.48
50www.unimin.orgOpens in a new tab.48
51www.overlandagency.comOpens in a new tab.48
52www.nationdirectory.infoOpens in a new tab.48
53www.nycenergytech.orgOpens in a new tab.48
54www.hotwebber.comOpens in a new tab.48
55www.mercedsystems.bizOpens in a new tab.48
56directoryweblinks.comOpens in a new tab.47
57www.sutradirectory.comOpens in a new tab.47
58workdirectory.infoOpens in a new tab.47
59www.hawkdirectory.comOpens in a new tab.47
60www.tradequotes.orgOpens in a new tab.47
61www.usalistingdirectory.comOpens in a new tab.47
62doyourankhigh.comOpens in a new tab.47
63www.operationuplink.orgOpens in a new tab.47
64www.abstractdirectory.comOpens in a new tab.47
65bestsubmitdirectory.comOpens in a new tab.47
66mhdw.orgOpens in a new tab.47
67www.submissionsbank.comOpens in a new tab.46
68www.deeperlinks.infoOpens in a new tab.46
69www.startupsmeet.comOpens in a new tab.46
70listingdynamite.comOpens in a new tab.46
71bubblesdirectory.comOpens in a new tab.46
72www.fivestarsautopawn.comOpens in a new tab.46
73www.tgp-internet.comOpens in a new tab.46 in a new tab.46
75www.flognaw.comOpens in a new tab.46
76www.ask-directory.comOpens in a new tab.46
77www.linkedin-directory.comOpens in a new tab.45 in a new tab.45
79www.directoryfever.comOpens in a new tab.45
80www.allthewebsites.orgOpens in a new tab.45
81www.excitedirectory.comOpens in a new tab.45
82www.prolink-directory.comOpens in a new tab.45
83www.directorysuper.comOpens in a new tab.45
84www.hydeparkbooks.comOpens in a new tab.45
85cesdirectory.comOpens in a new tab.44
86www.bestdirectory4you.comOpens in a new tab.44
87www.linkaddurl.comOpens in a new tab.44
88uniquesubmitter.comOpens in a new tab.44
89www.wewebware.comOpens in a new tab.44 in a new tab.43
91www.reedeu.comOpens in a new tab.43
92www.seekdragon.comOpens in a new tab.43
93www.prsl.infoOpens in a new tab.43
94linkindex.bizOpens in a new tab.43
95www.greatdirectorylinks.comOpens in a new tab.43
96www.directorydirect.netOpens in a new tab.43
97www.boingboing.netOpens in a new tab.43
98networkeddirectory.orgOpens in a new tab.43
99www.a1webdirectory.orgOpens in a new tab.43 in a new tab.42

Top High DA Guest Posting Sites List 2021

Question and Answer Websites

You can write your inquiry on the question and answer websites if you want to learn something new and intriguing. On the other hand, if you are knowledgeable about a certain topic in your field, you can assist others by answering their questions. The list of question and answer sites is really valuable for increasing traffic to your website.

The nice thing about these sites is that they are always packed with organic traffic. If readers believe your response to be relevant and useful, they will click on your link to visit your website. They may also upvote, like, or share your response. There are numerous off-page SEO tactics that can help you get a high search engine rating and more visitors.

As a result, by using them, you can drive a lot of traffic to your blog or website, which could turn into good leads or consumers. We’ve compiled a list of popular question-and-answer sites for 2021 to assist you further with these sites.


The following are some of the advantages of the above-mentioned Question Answer Site List:


Larger Audience Interaction:

appropriate responses Having a website URL is a quick approach to draw in a wide audience to your brand.

Become a part of Niche-Appropriate Communities:

You might be able to join one of the largest communities in your business or speciality. This allows you to more easily target your customers.

Improved SEO:

The list of question and answer websites includes only informational sites that do not allow visitors to engage in spamming activities. If you can obtain backlinks from these high-quality sites, search engines will gladly reward you with higher SERP rankings.

Free to Use:

The websites listed in the question and answer sites list are all free to use, and you won’t have to pay anything to share your thoughts on a variety of topics with a global audience.

Right Knowledge Access and Sharing:

Also, if you can’t find a suitable solution to an issue, you can post your query on any of the Q&A websites listed above and receive answers from the industry’s most knowledgeable people.

Profile Improvement:

When you are consistent with your queries and answers on these sites, it increases user trust and confidence in your brand, which improves your business profile.

Significant Content Strategy Element:

A question-and-answer website list can help you with more than simply SEO. You can improve your content strategy, raise brand awareness, cultivate relationships with prospects and partners, and establish yourself as an industry expert.

Question and Answer Sites List

Sr. No.Question and Answer SiteDomain Authority
1https://www.linkedin.comOpens in a new tab.97
2https://www.quora.comOpens in a new tab.93
3https://stackoverflow.comOpens in a new tab.93
4https://www.wikihow.comOpens in a new tab.93
5https://www.answers.comOpens in a new tab.92
6https://ask.fmOpens in a new tab.92
7 in a new tab.92
8https://www.reddit.comOpens in a new tab.91
9https://stackexchange.comOpens in a new tab.89
10 in a new tab.85
11https://superuser.comOpens in a new tab.78
12https://ask.metafilter.comOpens in a new tab.78
13https://www.enotes.comOpens in a new tab.75
14https://www.fixya.comOpens in a new tab.74
15 in a new tab.66
16https://www.blurtit.comOpens in a new tab.63
17https://www.girlsaskguys.comOpens in a new tab.62
18https://www.askmehelpdesk.comOpens in a new tab.60
19 in a new tab.53
20https://respuestas.trabber.comOpens in a new tab.53
21https://www.funadvice.comOpens in a new tab.50
22https://www.fluther.comOpens in a new tab.49
23https://www.askdeb.comOpens in a new tab.42
24https://www.question.comOpens in a new tab.42
25 in a new tab.39
26https://askopinion.comOpens in a new tab.36
27 in a new tab.25
28https://answerhighway.comOpens in a new tab.21
29https://www.mamura.coOpens in a new tab.18
30https://quesanswer.comOpens in a new tab.13
31https://thejustquery.comOpens in a new tab.8

High DA Web 2.0 Sites List 2021


Web 2.0 sites for SEO work well in getting your site to the top of search engine results pages. You must share compelling information using blog sites in the web 2.0 submission.

There were static internet pages in web 1.0, which resulted in minimal interaction between users and sites. There was no mechanism to leave feedback or leave comments on specific topics or pages.

As a result, the need for better web pages grew, and web 2.0 websites were brought to the internet.

Dynamic pages are included on the second generation of websites, also known as web 2.0 websites. Users can now contribute to the site by creating pages and connecting with other users.

You can build backlinks by submitting articles, blog posts, videos, and photographs to Web 2.0 submission platforms.

The use of these sites will undoubtedly boost your website’s ranking and traffic. Social networking sites, video sharing sites, blog submission sites, and other Web 2.0 submission sites are included in the list.


There are numerous advantages to using web 2.0 for content submission because it incorporates dynamic pages. Here’s a rundown of the benefits of promoting your website.


Creation of Quality Backlinks

How can you get backlinks by using web 2.0 submission sites? It’s extremely simple! It’s a good idea to pick a few sites with a high DA. In the second half of this post, you’ll find a list of Web 2.0 sites. Most of these sites allow you to include your post’s URL, which will aid in backlink creation.

The higher the DA of the web 2.0 sites, the more relevant backlinks your site will receive. The goal is to build high-quality links without resorting to spam tactics. So all you have to do is publish one or two posts on various web 2.0 sites, each with a link to your post.

Cheap maintenance

Web 2.0 sites are not only simple to maintain, but they are also less expensive to operate than other types of websites. All you have to be concerned about is the quality of the material you’re creating for your website.

The Creation of Responsive Sites

Web 2.0 sites, such as WordPress, give you the flexibility and simplicity of creating a responsive site for free. Using such tools, it’s never been easier to start a blog or website and become a part of the digital world.

High DA Classified Submission Sites List in 2021

Free Classified Submission Sites

Free Classify Submission Sites in India or Free Ad Submission Sites are highly useful for any company or website to classified or sell their goods and services on the internet in India with a comprehensive list of information and no fees.

In India, the most well-known free ad submission services or classified submission sites are those that allow a town to submit local and neighbouring classified adverts. This is yet another wonderful opportunity for advertisers that want their free ad posting sites in India, and people start contacting you via email and phone numbers.

Local SEO results are provided through classified submission sites for your business. This helps you obtain more DA and PA for your products and region. There are many free classifieds sites in India that accept free or no registration, but the majority of the adverts are for garbage purposes.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for classified submission sites or ad submission sites. The majority of the websites listed below are for Indian classified sites where you can place ads and enhance your site’s earnings. Read the conditions and terms before adding classified ads into your small business.

By submitting your products and website to classified submission sites in India, you may effectively advertise your goods and engage customers on your website. On classified submission sites or Free Ad Submission Sites, the majority of people are looking for jobs, bicycles, autos, mobile phones, and other products.

Follow links are available on some detailed submission sites, and no follow links are available on others. When you publish your classified advertising, the majority of them accept them right away. If your postings are not accepted right away, it will take some time for the moderators of the classified site to approve them.

If you want to improve your website’s off-page SEO, classified submission sites can help you increase traffic and improve domain name authority, page capacity, Moz ranking, and domain name authority. However, before submitting your ads on-site, make sure to check their domain name authority and Alexa rankingprior to submitting, check out submission sites and free ad submission sites. This is only one of the initial page SEO tactics for increasing the quality of your website’s traffic.

For your search engine, page rank is longer, therefore the domain name page is now worth optimising in the search engine. This ability is based on a number of things. However, publishing your classified ads on huge domain websites benefits both your site authority and your site.

Always choose a site with a higher domain authority than your own. Places have a lot of power, but their garbage rating is high, so stay away from them.

Free Classified Submission Sites
Free Classified Submission Sites
Sr. No.Free Classified Submission SitesDomain Authority
1https://indore.craigslist.orgOpens in a new tab.89
2https://www.nola.comOpens in a new tab.88
3http://classifieds.jagran.comOpens in a new tab.78
4https://www.justlanded.comOpens in a new tab.70
5 66Opens in a new tab.66
6https://www.quikr.comOpens in a new tab.63
7https://services.oodle.comOpens in a new tab.63
8https://www.oodle.comOpens in a new tab.63
9https://www.hoobly.comOpens in a new tab.57
10https://www.craftstylish.comOpens in a new tab.57
11https://www.classifiedads.comOpens in a new tab.54
12https://www.adpost.comOpens in a new tab.52
13https://www.salespider.comOpens in a new tab.50
14https://www.clickindia.comOpens in a new tab.49
15https://claz.orgOpens in a new tab.48
16 in a new tab.45
17https://muamat.comOpens in a new tab.45
18 in a new tab.45
19https://tuffclassified.comOpens in a new tab.44
20https://www.releasemyad.comOpens in a new tab.43
21https://www.surfindia.comOpens in a new tab.41
22https://www.stclassifieds.sgOpens in a new tab.40
23http://kugli.comOpens in a new tab.40
24https://www.eknazar.comOpens in a new tab.39
25https://freead1.netOpens in a new tab.39
26https://www.eknazar.comOpens in a new tab.39
27https://thisismyindia.comOpens in a new tab.39
28https://www.sellbuystuffs.comOpens in a new tab.38
29https://www.webclassifieds.usOpens in a new tab.38
30https://www.domesticsale.comOpens in a new tab.38
31http://adsandclassifieds.comOpens in a new tab.37
32http://admaya.inOpens in a new tab.37
33https://www.freeadstime.orgOpens in a new tab.36
34https://delhi-city.adeex.inOpens in a new tab.36
35http://adsblue.comOpens in a new tab.36
36http://adsyellowpages.comOpens in a new tab.35
37http://www.askmeclassifieds.comOpens in a new tab.35
38http://flegoo.comOpens in a new tab.35
39http://nullads.orgOpens in a new tab.34
40http://adsnity.comOpens in a new tab.34
41http://freeadsciti.comOpens in a new tab.34
42http://citynews.comOpens in a new tab.34
43https://indiaconnect.comOpens in a new tab.34
44http://nullads.orgOpens in a new tab.34
45http://oozz.inOpens in a new tab.33
46http://postfreeadshere.comOpens in a new tab.33
47http://thefreeadforum.comOpens in a new tab.33
48http://freeadsbook.comOpens in a new tab.33
49 in a new tab.33
50http://www.khojle.inOpens in a new tab.33
51http://indiacatalog.comOpens in a new tab.33
52http://www.finderguru.comOpens in a new tab.32
53http://classifiedsciti.comOpens in a new tab.32
54https://qwikad.comOpens in a new tab.32
55http://unolist.inOpens in a new tab.32
56https://qwikad.comOpens in a new tab.32
57https://www.advertigo.netOpens in a new tab.32
58https://quickfinds.inOpens in a new tab.32
59http://bedpage.comOpens in a new tab.32
60http://unolist.inOpens in a new tab.32
61https://www.10dayads.comOpens in a new tab.32
62https://in.classi4u.comOpens in a new tab.31
63http://adsciti.comOpens in a new tab.31
64https://www.postallads4free.comOpens in a new tab.31
65http://takarat.comOpens in a new tab.31
67http://www.innetads.comOpens in a new tab.31
68https://www.indiabook.comOpens in a new tab.31
69https://www.postallads4free.comOpens in a new tab.31
70https://www.jobiba.comOpens in a new tab.31
71https://www.topclassifieds.comOpens in a new tab.31
72http://adfreeposting.comOpens in a new tab.30
73https://www.princeclassified.comOpens in a new tab.30
74https://www.mitula.inOpens in a new tab.30
75http://www.oclicker.comOpens in a new tab.30
76https://www.ismartads.comOpens in a new tab.30
77https://malayaliclassifieds.comOpens in a new tab.30
78http://www.classifieds4me.comOpens in a new tab.30
79https://adclassified.inOpens in a new tab.30
80https://malayaliclassifieds.comOpens in a new tab.30
81 in a new tab.30

90+ High DA Business Listing Sites List in 2021

Business Listing Sites

Previously, each home’s solitary ledger was the telephone directory. It included each and every phone number in the town. The telephone directory has become extinct as a result of technology’s invasion. The goal of company listing websites is similar to that of a telephone directory. For backlinks, this is one of the top Off-Page SEO techniques.

These sites are made up of a region’s business data. In the early days of the internet, a business directory was thought to be the equivalent of today’s search engine.

Business Listing
Business Listing

According to Hubspot, 50% of clients who used their mobile to search for a business came to the store. As a result, all company listings are essential for local firms.

Why Business Listing Are Essential For A Business?

Security, radio advertising, television advertisements, newspaper advertisements, and other methods of marketing for local companies were used in the past. Such warnings have the ability to burn a hole in one’s pocket. Digital advertising is the next era of company advertising. In the space, local firms face competition from large brands.

Why Business Listing Are Essential For A Business
Why Business Listing Are Essential For A Business?

Local SEO

Companies’ only hope would be to rank high in search engines for certain keywords. For example, if your local SEO for your business is done right, your chances of being ranked for a term like”Barber Shops near me” are significantly greater than large and well-known businesses. Business listing is one of the aspects of SEO.

Be Found

Despite the fact that Google is the best way to find any business everywhere in the globe, business listings are still used to find information about companies. Not every business can afford a website and perform SEO to achieve high rankings. They can, however, always be listed in business directory sites and found if their prospects search for them.

There are a plethora of internet business listing sites to choose from. Lists on each Tom Dickens and Harry webpage are a waste of time. It is important to wash out a great business listing sites in India.

There are principle rules for Business Listing Sites;

Non-Spammy Websites

Assume you’re on a website. You are bombarded with irrelevant and irritating advertisements, which dulls your experience. Your next step would be to leave the website. In the same way, your own chances do. In the sites, there isn’t a single point record.

Fantastic Domain Name Authority

Obtaining a backlink to your site from Indian business listings sites will convey domain authority. There are a variety of tools accessible to check the domain authority of their free business listing websites. In this research, we used a domain of over 40 to cover the top 100 business listings in India.

Do-follow Links

It must be a high-quality link in order to receive hyperlink juice. Although not every free business listing site in India provides hyperlinks, you should make sure your website has a mix of no-follow and hyperlink links.

Business Listing Sites List

List of Business Listing Websites in 2019 – The first stage in every business development campaign is to stay in the public eye. There is no better method to list a business in this digital age than by giving a brief profile of the company to a business listing website. Paid and unpaid business listing sites are available.

Sr. No.Business Listing SitesDomain Authority
1foursquare.comOpens in a new tab.92
2mapquest.comOpens in a new tab.92
3trustpilot.comOpens in a new tab.92
4amazon.inOpens in a new tab.91
5biz.prlog.orgOpens in a new tab.89
6manta.comOpens in a new tab.88
7angel.coOpens in a new tab.85
8tradeindia.comOpens in a new tab.85
9indiamart.comOpens in a new tab.82
10yellowbot.comOpens in a new tab.81
11sulekha.comOpens in a new tab.77
12communitywalk.comOpens in a new tab.76
13bizcommunity.comOpens in a new tab.75
14snapdeal.comOpens in a new tab.75
15sitejabber.comOpens in a new tab.73
16justdial.comOpens in a new tab.71
17showmelocal.comOpens in a new tab.71
18yellowpages.webindia123.comOpens in a new tab.70
19exportersindia.comOpens in a new tab.69
20lacartes.comOpens in a new tab.69
21reviewcentre.comOpens in a new tab.69
222findlocal.comOpens in a new tab.68
23ezilon.comOpens in a new tab.68
24in.ezilon.comOpens in a new tab.68
25mouthshut.comOpens in a new tab.68
26yelloyello.comOpens in a new tab.68
27citysquares.comOpens in a new tab.67
28gust.comOpens in a new tab.67
29connect.releasewire.comOpens in a new tab.66
30prsync.comOpens in a new tab.66
31expressbusinessdirectory.comOpens in a new tab.65
32briefingwire.comOpens in a new tab.64
33businessworld.inOpens in a new tab.64
34maharashtradirectory.comOpens in a new tab.64
35locanto.netOpens in a new tab.63
36elocal.comOpens in a new tab.62
37in.enrollbusiness.comOpens in a new tab.62
38local.indiaonline.inOpens in a new tab.62
39callupcontact.comOpens in a new tab.61
40thetoptens.comOpens in a new tab.61
41find-us-here.comOpens in a new tab.60
42yellowpages.cybo.comOpens in a new tab.60
43ijnet.orgOpens in a new tab.59
44cityinsider.comOpens in a new tab.58
45traderscity.comOpens in a new tab.58
46trepup.comOpens in a new tab.57
47asklaila.comOpens in a new tab.56
48clickindia.comOpens in a new tab.56
49hotfrog.inOpens in a new tab.56
50igotbiz.comOpens in a new tab.56
51gidonline.comOpens in a new tab.54
52indiabizclub.comOpens in a new tab.54
53indiacom.comOpens in a new tab.54
54whereincity.comOpens in a new tab.53
55designfirms.orgOpens in a new tab.52
56eindiabusiness.comOpens in a new tab.50
57foodpanda.inOpens in a new tab.50
58in.wowcity.comOpens in a new tab.50
59kugli.comOpens in a new tab.50
60routeandgo.netOpens in a new tab.50 in a new tab.50
62akama.comOpens in a new tab.49
63company.fmOpens in a new tab.49
64indiabook.comOpens in a new tab.48
65placereference.comOpens in a new tab.48
66surfindia.comOpens in a new tab.48
67tupalo.netOpens in a new tab.47
68fullhyderabad.comOpens in a new tab.47
69grotal.comOpens in a new tab.47
70indiacatalog.comOpens in a new tab.47
71indialist.comOpens in a new tab.47
72indianyellowpages.comOpens in a new tab.47
73yellowpages.ivarta.comOpens in a new tab.47
7440billion.comOpens in a new tab.46
75go4worldbusiness.comOpens in a new tab.46
76jantareview.comOpens in a new tab.45
77yalwa.inOpens in a new tab.45
78fundoodata.comOpens in a new tab.44
79jimyellowpages.comOpens in a new tab.44
80admin.cylex.inOpens in a new tab.43
81bizsheet.comOpens in a new tab.43
82cylex.inOpens in a new tab.43
83dialindia.comOpens in a new tab.43
84tuugo.inOpens in a new tab.43
85buckeyeads.comOpens in a new tab.42
86indianindustry.comOpens in a new tab.42 in a new tab.42
88localbiznetwork.comOpens in a new tab.42
89vanik.comOpens in a new tab.42
90addsera.inOpens in a new tab.41
91bgyellowpages.comOpens in a new tab.41
92busylisting.comOpens in a new tab.41
93eximdata.comOpens in a new tab.41
94startlocal.inOpens in a new tab.41
95vcsdata.comOpens in a new tab.41
96aaspaas.comOpens in a new tab.40
97ecity.comOpens in a new tab.40
98indiatradezone.comOpens in a new tab.40
99altaindia.comOpens in a new tab.37

Video Submission Sites List in 2021

Video Submission Sites

Video Submission Sites
Video Submission Sites

Every website owner wishes for their site to appear in Google’s top searches. Search Engine Optimization, on the other hand, is there to help you make it happen and increase engagement and traffic to your website.

However, do you want to improve your Google page rating by posting on video submission sites and video sharing sites? Videos can generate more leads than a standard blog article, as well as providing credibility, organic traffic, backlinks, and visibility.

Start with the video submission sites list and video sharing sites list if you’re ready to advertise your website in the digital marketing sector, and you’ll get amazing results. Many free video sharing services and video submission sites allow you to rank your page based on the brand name and popularity of the company.

Benefits of video submission:

  • A chance to reach a larger audience by submitting videos to high-quality video submission sites and video sharing sites, which is the simplest approach to attract viewers and improve traffic. Video submission sites list can help you market and build your business.
  • In 10-15 seconds, a successful video may capture the audience’s attention. Don’t squander time with lengthy videos that may turn off viewers. With the use of a video submission site, your film should not last longer than 5 minutes in order to make an effect on the audience.
  • Video sharing sites list and high PR video submission sites list may help you make the most of your marketing plan by providing useful backlinks for bloggers and website owners.
  • There are several free video sharing services and video submission sites where you may publish a high-quality video and tell the public what you want them to know.
  • Staying active on social networking sites on a regular basis might help you attract more attention and allow you to engage with your target audience about your products or services.
  • People who are viewing videos will not miss an opportunity to visit your website and check out fresh videos, which will help you acquire money to a large amount.
  • This is, without a doubt, the most appealing and practical method of gaining web exposure.
  • Submitting your films to the free video submission sites list and the video submission sites list can help you advertise your business and gain excellent backlinks in return. This will undoubtedly benefit your company and aid in the development of brand recognition.
  • Making a quality film with authentic items and services will help you develop your customer base, and posting consumer feedback will help you build trust. As a result, your video’s popularity will grow day by day.
  • Create a video and post it to a list of high-quality PR video sharing sites and video submission sites to boost user engagement and bounce rate. Unlike other websites, high-PR video submission services can assist you gain visibility on search engine result pages.

Video Submission Sites List 2021

Video Submission Sites List
Video Submission Sites List
Sr. No.Video Submission SitesDomain Authority
1youtube.comOpens in a new tab.99
2vidivodo.comOpens in a new tab.99
3vimeo.comOpens in a new tab.97
4MySpace.comOpens in a new tab.95
5cnettv.cnet.comOpens in a new tab.95
6hictu.comOpens in a new tab.95 in a new tab.94
8netflix.comOpens in a new tab.93
94shared.comOpens in a new tab.93
10sapo.ptOpens in a new tab.93
11Twitch.tvOpens in a new tab.93 in a new tab.93
13PhotoBucket.comOpens in a new tab.92
14YouKU.comOpens in a new tab.92
15crunchyroll.comOpens in a new tab.92
16ustream.tvOpens in a new tab.92 in a new tab.92 in a new tab.92
19flightlevel350.comOpens in a new tab.91
20fliqz.comOpens in a new tab.91
21imageshack.comOpens in a new tab.91
22is.rediff.comOpens in a new tab.91
23gorillamask.netOpens in a new tab.91
24grindtv.comOpens in a new tab.91
25rediff.comOpens in a new tab.91
26vine.coOpens in a new tab.91
27godtube.comOpens in a new tab.90 in a new tab.90
29metacafe.comOpens in a new tab.89
30dekhona.comOpens in a new tab.89
31helpfulvideo.comOpens in a new tab.89
32yahoo.comOpens in a new tab.88
33tinypic.comOpens in a new tab.88
34getmiro.comOpens in a new tab.87
35brightcove.comOpens in a new tab.87
36myvideo.deOpens in a new tab.85
37bgvip.tvOpens in a new tab.85
38collegehumor.comOpens in a new tab.85
39hulu.comOpens in a new tab.85
40break.comOpens in a new tab.84
41liveleak.comOpens in a new tab.84
42babelgum.comOpens in a new tab.84
43hausgemacht.tvOpens in a new tab.84
44veoh.comOpens in a new tab.83
4556.comOpens in a new tab.81
46buzznet.comOpens in a new tab.80
47dropshots.comOpens in a new tab.80
48duclip.comOpens in a new tab.80
49fotki.comOpens in a new tab.80
50filmupload.deOpens in a new tab.80
51fireant.tvOpens in a new tab.80
52tumblr.comOpens in a new tab.80
53tv.comOpens in a new tab.80
54disclose.tvOpens in a new tab.79
55esnips.comOpens in a new tab.79
56funnyplace.orgOpens in a new tab.79
57izlesene.comOpens in a new tab.78
58jibjab.comOpens in a new tab.78
59adventuresportsnetwork.comOpens in a new tab.78
60guzer.comOpens in a new tab.78
61hamburg1video.deOpens in a new tab.78
62blip.tvOpens in a new tab.76
63aniboom.comOpens in a new tab.76
64viddler.comOpens in a new tab.76
65clipfish.deOpens in a new tab.74 in a new tab.73
67mefeedia.comOpens in a new tab.73
68Heavy.comOpens in a new tab.73
69ramp.comOpens in a new tab.72
70younow.comOpens in a new tab.72
715min.comOpens in a new tab.72
72current.comOpens in a new tab.72
73videos.oneindia.inOpens in a new tab.72
74clevver.comOpens in a new tab.71
75crackle.comOpens in a new tab.71
76oneindia.inOpens in a new tab.70
77blinkx.comOpens in a new tab.68
78aeeboo.comOpens in a new tab.68
79Viewster.comOpens in a new tab.67
80360daily.comOpens in a new tab.67
81teachertube.comOpens in a new tab.67
82dailyhaha.comOpens in a new tab.62
83dailymotion.comOpens in a new tab.60
84funnyjunk.comOpens in a new tab.60
85StupidVideos.comOpens in a new tab.59
86board.jokeroo.comOpens in a new tab.58
876.cnOpens in a new tab.58
88atom.comOpens in a new tab.58
89expertvillage.comOpens in a new tab.57
90funnyreign.comOpens in a new tab.57
91blogtv.comOpens in a new tab.56
92apnatube.comOpens in a new tab.56
93eyespot.comOpens in a new tab.56
94dumpalink.comOpens in a new tab.55
95ebaumsworld.comOpens in a new tab.55
96fr.eyeka.comOpens in a new tab.55
97funnyhub.comOpens in a new tab.55
98vidmax.comOpens in a new tab.55
99expotv.comOpens in a new tab.53
100ning.comOpens in a new tab.51
101danerd.comOpens in a new tab.51
102fark.comOpens in a new tab.50
103dailycomedy.comOpens in a new tab.49
104flurl.comOpens in a new tab.48
105filecow.comOpens in a new tab.48
106bofunk.comOpens in a new tab.47
107flipclip.netOpens in a new tab.47
108indiavideo.orgOpens in a new tab.47
109Vube.comOpens in a new tab.47
110autsch.deOpens in a new tab.47
111graspr.comOpens in a new tab.47

Profile Creation Sites List 2021

Profile Creation Sites

Profile Creation Sites
Profile Creation Sites

Making a profile on a networking platform is one way to enhance site traffic and reach out to your target demographics. Profile creation websites disseminate the magic of the profile creation feature, allowing everyone to build profiles and stay in touch with visitors. I’m going to discover how to find PR Free Profile Creation Sites.

Profile creation is a method that allows you to keep track of your activities on social media networks. It’s the place where you can share your trips, post your ideas, and advertise your business.

The profile creation process allows you to include your website URL on the profile page and make it visible to visitors.

This is one of the reasons for the popularity of profile creation; you can use it to display your website on your profile and subsequently attract traffic.

The importance of profile building sites in obtaining high-quality backlinks cannot be overstated. All of these websites are simple to use, allowing anyone to build profiles on social networking sites.

Keep track of the precautions you should take when using profile creation sites to make your job go faster and smoother. Follow the steps below to create a profile for your industry.

Profile Creation Sites List 2021

Profile Creation Sites list
Sr. No.Profile Creation SitesDomain Authority
1www.disqus.comOpens in a new tab.97
2edex.adobe.comOpens in a new tab.97
3themeforest.netOpens in a new tab.97
4www.dribbble.comOpens in a new tab.95
5www.medium.comOpens in a new tab.94
6www.shutterstock.comOpens in a new tab.93
7www.buzzfeed.comOpens in a new tab.93
8www.theverge.comOpens in a new tab.93
9www.moz.comOpens in a new tab.92
10www.gamespot.comOpens in a new tab.92
11dribbble.comOpens in a new tab.92
12www.discogs.comOpens in a new tab.91
13www.patreon.comOpens in a new tab.90 in a new tab.89
15www.bloglovin.comOpens in a new tab.89
16www.glassdoor.comOpens in a new tab.89
17connect.unity.comOpens in a new tab.89
18www.flipboard.comOpens in a new tab.89
19www.quora.comOpens in a new tab.89
20www.fool.comOpens in a new tab.88
21www.ucla.academia.eduOpens in a new tab.87
22sketchfab.comOpens in a new tab.87
23www.atlasobscura.comOpens in a new tab.87
24www.sbnation.comOpens in a new tab.87
25www.audioboom.comOpens in a new tab.87
26angel.coOpens in a new tab.87 in a new tab.87
28producthunt.comOpens in a new tab.87
29www.dpreview.comOpens in a new tab.86
30www.hubpages.comOpens in a new tab.86
31pastebin.comOpens in a new tab.85
32www.visual.lyOpens in a new tab.84
33www.awwwards.comOpens in a new tab.84
34miarroba.comOpens in a new tab.84
35www.redbubble.comOpens in a new tab.83
36www.trustpilot.comOpens in a new tab.83
37www.getsatisfaction.comOpens in a new tab.83
38qiita.comOpens in a new tab.83
39www.boredpanda.comOpens in a new tab.83
40www.librarything.comOpens in a new tab.83
41www.semrush.comOpens in a new tab.82
42www.mootools.netOpens in a new tab.81
43www.edublogs.orgOpens in a new tab.81
44www.purevolume.comOpens in a new tab.81
45http://pages.rediff.comOpens in a new tab.80
46magcloud.comOpens in a new tab.80
47ello.coOpens in a new tab.79
48www.wattpad.comOpens in a new tab.79
49amara.orgOpens in a new tab.76
50profiles.xero.comOpens in a new tab.75
51peerj.comOpens in a new tab.75
52speechdebate.binghamton.eduOpens in a new tab.75
53www.feedspot.comOpens in a new tab.75
54www.craftsy.comOpens in a new tab.74
55www.kiwibox.comOpens in a new tab.73
56www.authorstream.comOpens in a new tab.72
57www.blogarama.comOpens in a new tab.71
58gust.comOpens in a new tab.71
59www.fanpop.comOpens in a new tab.71
60www.blogtopsites.comOpens in a new tab.70
61www.mobypicture.comOpens in a new tab.70
62http://list.lyOpens in a new tab.69
63www.reviewcentre.comOpens in a new tab.68
64wealthyaffiliate.comOpens in a new tab.67
65aboutus.comOpens in a new tab.67
66www.bingplaces.comOpens in a new tab.67
67www.supportduweb.comOpens in a new tab.67
68knoji.comOpens in a new tab.66
69www.appbrain.comOpens in a new tab.65
70www.inbound.orgOpens in a new tab.65
71www.debate.orgOpens in a new tab.64
72www.portfoliobox.netOpens in a new tab.64
73www.jamf.comOpens in a new tab.63
74www.bravesites.comOpens in a new tab.63
75www.carbonmade.comOpens in a new tab.63
76www.growthhackers.comOpens in a new tab.63
77www.triberr.comOpens in a new tab.61
78www.bloggernity.comOpens in a new tab.60
79www.uplabs.comOpens in a new tab.59
80www.levo.comOpens in a new tab.58
81http://myblogguest.comOpens in a new tab.57
82www.bebee.comOpens in a new tab.57
83www.wikigender.orgOpens in a new tab.56 in a new tab.56
85stackshare.ioOpens in a new tab.56 in a new tab.55
87www.blognation.comOpens in a new tab.55
88www.sitejabber.comOpens in a new tab.55
89guildwork.comOpens in a new tab.55
90www.authorea.comOpens in a new tab.54
91www.lifeofdad.comOpens in a new tab.53
92micro.blogOpens in a new tab.53
93betalist.comOpens in a new tab.52
94www.bloglisting.netOpens in a new tab.52
95www.storeboard.comOpens in a new tab.50 in a new tab.50
97datafox.comOpens in a new tab.49
98www.appbackr.comOpens in a new tab.49
99www.trustedcompany.comOpens in a new tab.49
100www.affilorama.comOpens in a new tab.48
101meshing.itOpens in a new tab.47
102kasperskyclub.comOpens in a new tab.47
103yarabook.comOpens in a new tab.46
104www.brijj.comOpens in a new tab.46
105www.managewp.orgOpens in a new tab.45
106www.mouthshut.comOpens in a new tab.43
107www.electricart.comOpens in a new tab.43
108www.bibliocrunch.comOpens in a new tab.43
109www.desidime.comOpens in a new tab.42 in a new tab.42
111www.elink.ioOpens in a new tab.42

Top High DA Forum Posting Sites List 2021

Forum Posting Sites

We can use forums to ask inquiries or to respond to others’ questions. Here is a list of high da forum posting sites. Forum submission is one of the most prevalent search engine optimization techniques, in which we use forum sites to get backlinks for our websites.

The procedure is as simple as speaking. From here, you can drive traffic to the site or your own site. We’ve come here to use a list of reputable forum submitting or forum posting sites.

Benefits of Forum submission sites/Forum posting sites

The benefits of forum submission/posting are clear and compelling. This strategy, with the help of SEO, promotes new sales and visitors to your organisation.

  • Great place to talk about and learn about your field of employment.
  • A simple and cost-free way to promote your small business
  • A place where you can build valuable business relationships.
  • If you do a wonderful job on it, you’ll get a lot of praise from your clients and forum owners.

Backlinks from forums sites are highly valued by search engines. These links do not fall into the category of black or spammy SEO. It’s also simple to do so with our list of forum posting sites at the end of the study.

Top Digital Marketing Forum Submission Sites

Here are a few of the greatest digital marketing forum posting platforms; tell us a little about them:

1. Warrior ForumOpens in a new tab.: You will receive all fresh digital marketing updates if you join this community. This is in our list of the greatest digital marketing forum posting platforms.

2. WickedFireOpens in a new tab.: Do not join this website solely to obtain a Do-follow backlink. It’s a fantastic platform for starting a great conversation with marketing experts and gaining a lot of knowledge and awareness.

3. Digital Point ForumOpens in a new tab.If you have any queries about digital marketing or the Google update, this is the place to go to get all of your answers. This forum has a member named Barry Schwartz, who is a well-known digital marketing specialist. He answers a variety of digital marketing and SEO questions that can help you in a variety of ways.

4. Letsdiskuss.comOpens in a new tab.: This was India’s first English- and Hindi-language blog posting and Q&A platform. They host a variety of categories in order to maintain high-quality content and respond to all of their users’ questions.

5. Blackhat WorldOpens in a new tab.: It’s a vast marketplace for SEO services. Various SEO specialists have purchased services from this site in the past in order to achieve a high SERP ranking, however this no longer works. Getting high-quality backlinks is the only thing that works nowadays.

6. SEO Chat forumOpens in a new tab.: This forum site is ideal for SEO newbies since they can directly ask specialists questions and receive answers to their concerns.

7. Click NewOpens in a new tab.: Click Newz would be missing from this list if it wasn’t included. It’s a popular forum posting site where you may start a new thread and then reply to it.

8. QuoraOpens in a new tab.: It is a well-known website where you can find answers to practically all of your questions. This site is ideal for digital marketers and bloggers because they can get a lot from it.

Free Instant Approval Dofollow Forum Posting Sites List

Sr. No.Forum Posting SitesDomain Authority
1 in a new tab.100
2 in a new tab.100
3http:// in a new tab.100 in a new tab.100
5 in a new tab.99
6 in a new tab.98
7 in a new tab.96
8http:// in a new tab.96
9 in a new tab.95
10http:// in a new tab.95
11forum.siteground.comOpens in a new tab.95
12http://forums.hostgator.comOpens in a new tab.94
13forums.hostgator.comOpens in a new tab.94
14 in a new tab.93 in a new tab.92 in a new tab.91 in a new tab.91
18 in a new tab.90
19http://forum.arduino.ccOpens in a new tab.88
20http://https://forum.filezilla-project.orgOpens in a new tab.88
21forums.envato.comOpens in a new tab.88 in a new tab.88
23http://community.sitepoint.comOpens in a new tab.87
24 in a new tab.87 in a new tab.85 in a new tab.83
27www.mathforum.orgOpens in a new tab.82 in a new tab.82
29http://forum.wordreference.comOpens in a new tab.81
30 in a new tab.81
31forum.owncloud.orgOpens in a new tab.81 in a new tab.81
33forum.wordreference.comOpens in a new tab.80 in a new tab.80
35http://ubuntuforums.orgOpens in a new tab.79
36 in a new tab.79 in a new tab.79 in a new tab.79 in a new tab.79
40forum.bodybuilding.comOpens in a new tab.79
41forums.moneysavingexpert.comOpens in a new tab.78
42forums.linuxmint.comOpens in a new tab.78 in a new tab.78
44 in a new tab.77
45http://forums.mozillazine.orgOpens in a new tab.77
46http://forum.submitexpress.comOpens in a new tab.76
47 in a new tab.76
48 in a new tab.76
49 in a new tab.75
50www.webhostingtalk.comOpens in a new tab.75
51 in a new tab.74
52http://www.forums.seroundtable.comOpens in a new tab.74
53http://https://forum.ableton.comOpens in a new tab.74 in a new tab.74
55boards.straightdope.comOpens in a new tab.74
56 in a new tab.72
57http://forum.plaxo.comOpens in a new tab.71
58http://forum.notebookreview.comOpens in a new tab.70
59 in a new tab.70
60http://https://www.namepros.comOpens in a new tab.70
61www.skyscrapercity.comOpens in a new tab.70
62http://forums.seochat.comOpens in a new tab.69
63http://www.forums.seochat.comOpens in a new tab.69 in a new tab.69
65 in a new tab.67
66www.androidforums.comOpens in a new tab.67
67http://www.warriorforum.comOpens in a new tab.66 in a new tab.66 in a new tab.65
70http://forums.afterdawn.comOpens in a new tab.64
71cboard.cprogramming.comOpens in a new tab.64 in a new tab.63 in a new tab.63
74 in a new tab.62
75forums.bellaonline.comOpens in a new tab.62
76http://www.dnforum.comOpens in a new tab.61
77forum.powweb.comOpens in a new tab.61
78forums.hawkhost.comOpens in a new tab.61
79talk.collegeconfidential.comOpens in a new tab.61
80 in a new tab.60
81http://www.techsupportforum.comOpens in a new tab.60 in a new tab.60
83www.dnforum.comOpens in a new tab.60 in a new tab.59
85hardforum.comOpens in a new tab.59
86http://www.delphiforums.comOpens in a new tab.58 in a new tab.58 in a new tab.58
89www.wilderssecurity.comOpens in a new tab.58
90www.delphiforums.comOpens in a new tab.58
91 in a new tab.57
92www.facepunch.comOpens in a new tab.57
93forums.redflagdeals.comOpens in a new tab.57
94http://www.podcastalley.comOpens in a new tab.57 in a new tab.56
96forum.purseblog.comOpens in a new tab.56 in a new tab.56 in a new tab.56 in a new tab.55

Best High DA DoFollow Blog Commenting Sites List 2021

Blog Commenting Sites

Blog commenting is designed specifically for blog sites where bloggers, blogs, and blog readers interact with one another and readers can provide immediate feedback on the blog.

Blog Commenting Sites
Blog Commenting Sites

Communication between the website and its visitors becomes a vital bridge. To become well-known and popular among visitors, any website demands precise SEO work.

Link building is the most successful approach to gain backlinks for your website, and one of these link building tactics is blog commenting.
It aids in the growth of your website’s popularity as well as the conversion of your products and services.

The approach of blog commenting not only helps to increase backlinks, but it also allows users and website owners to communicate. Bloggers and readers engage with each other in this fashion, with readers directly expressing their ideas about blog material and bloggers being aware of the response to their blogs.

This is the simplest and quickest technique to pique your visitors’ interest.

There are many blog commenting sites on the internet, but always choose high page rank do-follow blog commenting sites while building do-follow backlinks. The link juice from the do-follow backlinks is sent on to your own blog or website.

It aids in increasing the amount of traffic to your blog or website. Using blog commenting sites to grow your blog or website has various advantages.

Benefits of DoFollow Blog Commenting Sites List

Benefits of DoFollow Blog Commenting Sites List
Benefits of DoFollow Blog Commenting Sites List
  • These websites assist in establishing your brand’s identity and increasing its global recognition.
  • Boost the number of targeted visitors to your website or blog.
  • It aids in increasing your company’s conversion range.
  • These sites provide dofollow backlinks, meaning they send link juice to your website or blog.
  • Increase your visibility to the relevant audience.
  • Convert visitors into clients by developing strong relationships with them.
  • Increase the number of people who follow your blog or website on social networking.

Blog Commenting Sites:

Sr. No.Blog Commenting SitesDomain Authority
1https://blogs.adobe.comOpens in a new tab.98
2https://stackoverflow.comOpens in a new tab.93
3https://everylifecounts.ndtv.comOpens in a new tab.92
4https://www.androidauthority.comOpens in a new tab.92
5 in a new tab.90
6https://in.bookmyshow.comOpens in a new tab.88
7 in a new tab.87
8https://www.imore.comOpens in a new tab.87
9https://www.androidheadlines.comOpens in a new tab.86
10https://fashionista.comOpens in a new tab.84
11https://www.thesartorialist.comOpens in a new tab.81
12https://copyblogger.comOpens in a new tab.78
13https://yoast.comOpens in a new tab.78
14https://www.seroundtable.comOpens in a new tab.77
15https://www.gofugyourself.comOpens in a new tab.76
16https://beebom.comOpens in a new tab.75
17 in a new tab.75
18https://www.marketingcharts.comOpens in a new tab.73
19https://marksdailyapple.comOpens in a new tab.73
20https://www.manrepeller.comOpens in a new tab.72
21https://www.nomadicmatt.comOpens in a new tab.72
22https://unbounce.comOpens in a new tab.71
23https://www.shoutmeloud.comOpens in a new tab.70
24https://www.quicksprout.comOpens in a new tab.70
25 in a new tab.69
26https://www.toprankblog.comOpens in a new tab.68
27http://undertheradarmag.comOpens in a new tab.68
28https://www.aluxurytravelblog.comOpens in a new tab.68
29http://www.songofstyle.comOpens in a new tab.67
30https://www.smartpassiveincome.comOpens in a new tab.66
31https://battellemedia.comOpens in a new tab.65
32https://www.johnnyjet.comOpens in a new tab.65
33https://improvephotography.comOpens in a new tab.64
34https://www.vandelaydesign.comOpens in a new tab.64
35https://expertvagabond.comOpens in a new tab.64
36https://businessesgrow.comOpens in a new tab.63
37 in a new tab.63
38https://trak.inOpens in a new tab.63
39 in a new tab.63
40https://www.adventurouskate.comOpens in a new tab.63
41https://theblondeabroad.comOpens in a new tab.63
42 in a new tab.63

Best Press Release Submission sites for 2021

What is a press release?

press release
press release

A press release is a document that effectively communicates your startup’s announcements to journalists. Press releases follow a formulaic framework that is intended to communicate a company’s message as plainly as possible.

We understand how difficult it is to write press releases.

Writing press releases, on the other hand, is a crucial skill that can help your firm get traction with industry influencers and journalists.

The Top 9 paid press release submission websites 2021

NamePrices fromDescription
NewswireOpens in a new tab.$149 per domestic press release and $1,649 per global press releaseOne of the leading press release distribution
platforms, offering broad-based newswire distribution and influencer marketing.
PRNewswireOpens in a new tab.Around $1,000 per press releaseClaims to have the largest press release distribution
network of media outlets, websites and social channels, but with such large reach inevitably comes a high price tag.
BusinessWireOpens in a new tab.Around $800 per release, upwardsClaims to offer the largest global coverage, reaching more than 89,613 media outlets in 162 countries. Aimed more towards large corporates who need to comply with regulatory requirements around announcements.
24-7 PressOpens in a new tab. ReleaseOpens in a new tab.$19 to $389 per releaseSpecialist press release distribution service for small to medium-size businesses, operating since 2004.
MarketWiredOpens in a new tab.Around $460 per releaseMarketWired provides a flexible news
distribution platform that can be tailored for any client and any type of outreach.
GlobeNewswireOpens in a new tab.Data not availableNorth American and European focused press release distribution service, focusing on media and investment outlets.
PressatOpens in a new tab.£110 per submissionUK-focused press release distribution service, but provides an international reach.
PR UndergroundOpens in a new tab.$49.99 to $199 per releasePress release distribution platform operating at the more affordable end of the market.
eReleasesOpens in a new tab.$299 to $499 per press releasePress release distribution site that tries to offer the best value for money. It offers all new customers a $100 discount on its Buzz Builder plan.

The Top 8 of free press release submission sites 2021

Company NameKey Features
Opens in a new tab.PR LogOpens in a new tab.The free service distributes press releases onsite, cross search engines, social media and RSS feeds.82
Opens in a new tab.PR.comOpens in a new tab.The free package receives a reduced distribution on, some third-party and news sites and RSS feeds.69
Opens in a new tab.Press ReleaseOpens in a new tab. PointOpens in a new tab.The free service allows you to distribute a press release to 20 PR sites.59
Opens in a new tab.Newswire TodayOpens in a new tab.The basic version only publishes press releases into their site and basic RSS feeds.56
Opens in a new tab.Online PR NewsOpens in a new tab.The basic package allows users to publish a press release for 90 days on the platform.56
Opens in a new tab.PR SyncOpens in a new tab.This is a community platform, rather than a distribution service.52
Opens in a new tab.PR FreeOpens in a new tab.The free service allows hyperlinks, search engine indexing and social share buttons.43
Opens in a new tab.PR FireOpens in a new tab.The free service is pretty limited, as it only publishes the press release on its own platform, which is then indexed by Google.42

Press Release Submission Sites List

Sr. No.Press Release Submission SitesDADifficulty
1http://npr.orgOpens in a new tab.93Very Hard
2http://mashable.comOpens in a new tab.93Very Hard
3http://prnewswire.comOpens in a new tab.92Very Hard
4http://businesswire.comOpens in a new tab.92Very Hard
5calameo.comOpens in a new tab.92Very Hard
6http://storify.comOpens in a new tab.91Moderate
7http://betanews.comOpens in a new tab.86Hard
8http://tmcnet.comOpens in a new tab.82Hard
9http://cision.comOpens in a new tab.82Easy
10http://prlog.orgOpens in a new tab.81Moderate
11mediapost.comOpens in a new tab.80Moderate
12http://good.isOpens in a new tab.79Moderate
13medindia.netOpens in a new tab.74Moderate
14http://openpr.comOpens in a new tab.68Moderate
15http://pr.comOpens in a new tab.67Moderate
16www.newsvine.comOpens in a new tab.67Moderate
17http://daily-chronicle.comOpens in a new tab.66Moderate in a new tab.66Moderate
19www.pitchengine.comOpens in a new tab.64Moderate
20www.24-7pressrelease.comOpens in a new tab.64Moderate
21free-press-release.comOpens in a new tab.63Moderate
22www.bubblews.comOpens in a new tab.63Moderate
23www.aspendailynews.comOpens in a new tab.62Moderate
24filecluster.comOpens in a new tab.60Moderate
25www.keysnews.comOpens in a new tab.60Moderate
26www.aiim.orgOpens in a new tab.60Hard
27www.sbwire.comOpens in a new tab.60Moderate
28pressreleases.kcstar.comOpens in a new tab.59Moderate
29www.directionsmag.comOpens in a new tab.59Moderate
30www.pressreleasepoint.comOpens in a new tab.59Moderate
31www.highwire.orgOpens in a new tab.59Moderate
32www.prleap.comOpens in a new tab.57Moderate
33www.nanotech-now.comOpens in a new tab.57Moderate
34www.absolutearts.comOpens in a new tab.56Moderate
35www.onlineprnews.comOpens in a new tab.56Moderate
36https://www.wesrch.comOpens in a new tab.55Moderate
37www.newswiretoday.comOpens in a new tab.55Moderate
38www.newswiretoday.comOpens in a new tab.55Moderate
39newslink.orgOpens in a new tab.53Moderate
40www.prurgent.comOpens in a new tab.53Moderate
41www.lxer.comOpens in a new tab.53Moderate
42www.1888pressrelease.comOpens in a new tab.53Moderate
43http://prsync.comOpens in a new tab.51Moderate
44prmac.comOpens in a new tab.51Moderate
45www.ideamarketers.comOpens in a new tab.51Moderate in a new tab.51Moderate in a new tab.49Moderate
48eworldwire.comOpens in a new tab.48Moderate
49www.promotionworld.comOpens in a new tab.48Moderate
50www.briefingwire.comOpens in a new tab.48Moderate
51www.businessportal24.comOpens in a new tab.47Moderate
52www.theopenpress.comOpens in a new tab.46Moderate in a new tab.45Moderate
54bignews.bizOpens in a new tab.45Moderate
56www.signindustry.comOpens in a new tab.45Moderate
57www.webnewswire.comOpens in a new tab.45Moderate
58clickpress.comOpens in a new tab.45Moderate
59www.prfree.orgOpens in a new tab.45Moderate
60www.marketpressrelease.comOpens in a new tab.42Moderate
61hungarynewswire.comOpens in a new tab.41Moderate
62www.gulfoilandgas.comOpens in a new tab.41Moderate in a new tab.40Moderate
64www.xpresspress.comOpens in a new tab.39Moderate
65www.ukprwire.comOpens in a new tab.39Moderate
66groupweb.comOpens in a new tab.38Moderate
67www.freepressindex.comOpens in a new tab.38Moderate
68freepressindex.comOpens in a new tab.38Moderate
69digitalmediaonlineinc.comOpens in a new tab.38Moderate
70www.techprspider.comOpens in a new tab.37Moderate
71www.prbuzz.comOpens in a new tab.37Moderate
72www.listfree.orgOpens in a new tab.37Moderate
73www.travpr.comOpens in a new tab.37Moderate
74news.scoopasia.comOpens in a new tab.37Moderate
75www.webknowhow.netOpens in a new tab.36Moderate
76pressreleaser.orgOpens in a new tab.35Moderate
77www.freepressrelease.comOpens in a new tab.35Moderate
78www.earthtoys.comOpens in a new tab.35Moderate
79www.proskore.comOpens in a new tab.33Moderate
80www.elecdir.comOpens in a new tab.33Moderate

In this post, we’ve covered all you need to know about off-page seo submission sites.

We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to boost the amount of backlinks pointing to your website in 2021, as well as organic traffic.

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