Video Submission Sites List in 2021

Video Submission Sites

Video Submission Sites
Video Submission Sites

Every website owner wishes for their site to appear in Google’s top searches. Search Engine Optimization, on the other hand, is there to help you make it happen and increase engagement and traffic to your website.

However, do you want to improve your Google page rating by posting on video submission sites and video sharing sites? Videos can generate more leads than a standard blog article, as well as providing credibility, organic traffic, backlinks, and visibility.

Start with the video submission sites list and video sharing sites list if you’re ready to advertise your website in the digital marketing sector, and you’ll get amazing results. Many free video sharing services and video submission sites allow you to rank your page based on the brand name and popularity of the company.

Benefits of video submission:

  • A chance to reach a larger audience by submitting videos to high-quality video submission sites and video sharing sites, which is the simplest approach to attract viewers and improve traffic. Video submission sites list can help you market and build your business.
  • In 10-15 seconds, a successful video may capture the audience’s attention. Don’t squander time with lengthy videos that may turn off viewers. With the use of a video submission site, your film should not last longer than 5 minutes in order to make an effect on the audience.
  • Video sharing sites list and high PR video submission sites list may help you make the most of your marketing plan by providing useful backlinks for bloggers and website owners.
  • There are several free video sharing services and video submission sites where you may publish a high-quality video and tell the public what you want them to know.
  • Staying active on social networking sites on a regular basis might help you attract more attention and allow you to engage with your target audience about your products or services.
  • People who are viewing videos will not miss an opportunity to visit your website and check out fresh videos, which will help you acquire money to a large amount.
  • This is, without a doubt, the most appealing and practical method of gaining web exposure.
  • Submitting your films to the free video submission sites list and the video submission sites list can help you advertise your business and gain excellent backlinks in return. This will undoubtedly benefit your company and aid in the development of brand recognition.
  • Making a quality film with authentic items and services will help you develop your customer base, and posting consumer feedback will help you build trust. As a result, your video’s popularity will grow day by day.
  • Create a video and post it to a list of high-quality PR video sharing sites and video submission sites to boost user engagement and bounce rate. Unlike other websites, high-PR video submission services can assist you gain visibility on search engine result pages.
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Why Should Use Video Submission Sites?

  • Many users dislike reading lengthy posts.
  • Videos are more convenient to watch and are compatible with a variety of devices.
  • A single video is roughly equivalent to 1 lakh words.
  • The majority of people enjoy sharing videos with their family, friends, and social media accounts.
  • Videos are the most visually appealing and time-effective way to market a business.
  • Nowadays, high-quality videos are more popular.
  • When compared to reading text, people find viewing videos to be more relaxing and comfortable.
  • In comparison to the contents, videos are more intriguing and engaging.

Video Submission Sites List 2021

Video Submission Sites List
Video Submission Sites List
Sr. No. Video Submission Sites Domain Authority
1youtube.comOpens in a new tab.99
2vidivodo.comOpens in a new tab.99
3vimeo.comOpens in a new tab.97
4MySpace.comOpens in a new tab.95
5cnettv.cnet.comOpens in a new tab.95
6hictu.comOpens in a new tab.95 in a new tab.94
8netflix.comOpens in a new tab.93
94shared.comOpens in a new tab.93
10sapo.ptOpens in a new tab.93
11Twitch.tvOpens in a new tab.93 in a new tab.93
13PhotoBucket.comOpens in a new tab.92
14YouKU.comOpens in a new tab.92
15crunchyroll.comOpens in a new tab.92
16ustream.tvOpens in a new tab.92 in a new tab.92 in a new tab.92
19flightlevel350.comOpens in a new tab.91
20fliqz.comOpens in a new tab.91
21imageshack.comOpens in a new tab.91
22is.rediff.comOpens in a new tab.91
23gorillamask.netOpens in a new tab.91
24grindtv.comOpens in a new tab.91
25rediff.comOpens in a new tab.91
26vine.coOpens in a new tab.91
27godtube.comOpens in a new tab.90 in a new tab.90
29metacafe.comOpens in a new tab.89
30dekhona.comOpens in a new tab.89
31helpfulvideo.comOpens in a new tab.89
32yahoo.comOpens in a new tab.88
33tinypic.comOpens in a new tab.88
34getmiro.comOpens in a new tab.87
35brightcove.comOpens in a new tab.87
36myvideo.deOpens in a new tab.85
37bgvip.tvOpens in a new tab.85
38collegehumor.comOpens in a new tab.85
39hulu.comOpens in a new tab.85
40break.comOpens in a new tab.84
41liveleak.comOpens in a new tab.84
42babelgum.comOpens in a new tab.84
43hausgemacht.tvOpens in a new tab.84
44veoh.comOpens in a new tab.83
4556.comOpens in a new tab.81
46buzznet.comOpens in a new tab.80
47dropshots.comOpens in a new tab.80
48duclip.comOpens in a new tab.80
49fotki.comOpens in a new tab.80
50filmupload.deOpens in a new tab.80
51fireant.tvOpens in a new tab.80
52tumblr.comOpens in a new tab.80
53tv.comOpens in a new tab.80
54disclose.tvOpens in a new tab.79
55esnips.comOpens in a new tab.79
56funnyplace.orgOpens in a new tab.79
57izlesene.comOpens in a new tab.78
58jibjab.comOpens in a new tab.78
59adventuresportsnetwork.comOpens in a new tab.78
60guzer.comOpens in a new tab.78
61hamburg1video.deOpens in a new tab.78
62blip.tvOpens in a new tab.76
63aniboom.comOpens in a new tab.76
64viddler.comOpens in a new tab.76
65clipfish.deOpens in a new tab.74 in a new tab.73
67mefeedia.comOpens in a new tab.73
68Heavy.comOpens in a new tab.73
69ramp.comOpens in a new tab.72
70younow.comOpens in a new tab.72
715min.comOpens in a new tab.72
72current.comOpens in a new tab.72
73videos.oneindia.inOpens in a new tab.72
74clevver.comOpens in a new tab.71
75crackle.comOpens in a new tab.71
76oneindia.inOpens in a new tab.70
77blinkx.comOpens in a new tab.68
78aeeboo.comOpens in a new tab.68
79Viewster.comOpens in a new tab.67
80360daily.comOpens in a new tab.67
81teachertube.comOpens in a new tab.67
82dailyhaha.comOpens in a new tab.62
83dailymotion.comOpens in a new tab.60
84funnyjunk.comOpens in a new tab.60
85StupidVideos.comOpens in a new tab.59
86board.jokeroo.comOpens in a new tab.58
876.cnOpens in a new tab.58
88atom.comOpens in a new tab.58
89expertvillage.comOpens in a new tab.57
90funnyreign.comOpens in a new tab.57
91blogtv.comOpens in a new tab.56
92apnatube.comOpens in a new tab.56
93eyespot.comOpens in a new tab.56
94dumpalink.comOpens in a new tab.55
95ebaumsworld.comOpens in a new tab.55
96fr.eyeka.comOpens in a new tab.55
97funnyhub.comOpens in a new tab.55
98vidmax.comOpens in a new tab.55
99expotv.comOpens in a new tab.53
100ning.comOpens in a new tab.51
101danerd.comOpens in a new tab.51
102fark.comOpens in a new tab.50
103dailycomedy.comOpens in a new tab.49
104flurl.comOpens in a new tab.48
105filecow.comOpens in a new tab.48
106bofunk.comOpens in a new tab.47
107flipclip.netOpens in a new tab.47
108indiavideo.orgOpens in a new tab.47
109Vube.comOpens in a new tab.47
110autsch.deOpens in a new tab.47
111graspr.comOpens in a new tab.47

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