Social marketing: all the things you need to know about it.

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Social Marketing

As we know the society has been digitalizing almost all their activities and one of the first activities that move to the virtual environment was socialization. In this environment, social media is born.

In the beginning, social media were only used to meet new friends, share the things we do, or only say what we think. However, in this environment, a lot of entrepreneurs watched an opportunity to reach all that audience and offer them products and services.

It works almost in the same way as a mall because they create a place where people can distract and make different activities, but the main goal is to offer something. It could be selling food or offer a service like a haircut.

In this way, as you can see the social features of social media became an open window for businesses. Despite most everyone has almost one account on social media, not everyone knows how to implement social marketing.

For this reason, we want to tell you all the things you need to know about social marketing. In this way, you are going to be able to implement all the needed social marketing strategies for your business.

What is social marketing?

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Social Marketing

Before starting to implement any strategy that could affect our business, we have to know clearly what is what we want to implement. In this way, it is necessary to know what is social marketing and know all the elements that involve it.

In general lines, Social marketing is all the strategies and techniques that involve social media to promote some business, product, or company. It means that we can use any social media we want. However, there are some social media more popular than others.

Besides, we have to know that not all social media work for the same purposes. Also, we cannot apply the same strategy to each one of them. It is why, each social media has its restrictions, politicians, and rules that we need to follow.

If we know the functioning of the social media we want to use, our development with social marketing is going to be better. For sure, if we want to give a simple definition to social marketingOpens in a new tab., we also can call it the creation of close interaction with the audience that we want to reach.

A close connection with your potential customers is going to improve the growth of your business and increase significantly your sales. This stretch link is going to know what your customers think about your brand to give them exactly what they want. The uses of social marketing are huge if we do it well.

There are too many options to use

As we tell you before, there are several social media in the actuality that you can use for marketing. For this reason, we want to talk to you about the most popular social media you can use for social marketing.

It is going to help you to choose those that adapt better to your business or to your expectations about the audience you want to target.


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Without any doubt, one of the most popular and versatile social media is Facebook. From the beginning, this platform spread around the world like a virus. To you can have an idea of how big is its community, just in the year 2016 they count with more than 1500 million subscribers.

Facebook has work to keep been popular because it has been adapting to the audiences and always giving us new features. It gives the platform some special freshness that makes it as incredible as it is.

Facebook is perfect to promote our businesses because on this platform we can create a post of different things we want like images, videos, gifts, memes, or just a simple post. Also, Facebook offers us the business modality for all those companies that want to have a business account and check the interaction they have.

In this way, you can check the statistics of your post, offers, promotions, and more. It is not only useful to see the positive things because you also can see the bad commentaries or reviews and make the proper adjustments.

Of course, Facebook like any other social media has its rules, politics, and restrictions. All of these are thought to protect the Facebook community and make it a safe place for both users and companies. Besides, they also count on a section call marketplace where you can offer your products or services, and it is something that other platforms do not have.


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It is impossible to talk about social media and do not talk about YouTube. This social media is famous because it is based on upload videos. Maybe you could think that there is nothing special on upload videos, but it is because, at this moment, you can do it for almost every platform without any restriction.

But, we have to think that YouTube was innovative in its time, and it did possible that the musical sector high another level. We must remember that a few years ago, we only could watch the music videos of our favorite artists on television.

At this moment, YouTube marked a guideline because we did not have to wait that our favorite video was transmitted on television. We could watch them any time we want and all the time we want. That was novel for the age and they have done as well that no one makes the things as they do.

It can be useful for your business because you can show more about your company through videos. Also, you can create tutorial videos to catch your audience helping them to fix some common problems with the help of your products.

Even if you do not offer a physical product if not a service, you also can show how is your service to your followers. Also, we have to know that we can generate some income if we can monetize our videos. In this way, this platform more than a social marketing media can be a medium to increase your incomes too.



The third social media that we want to show you is Twitter that wanted to be the things different limiting the number of characters that you can use in a post. Most people do not have any problem expressing themselves when they do not have a limit. But, most of them have problems reducing and synthesize their ideas.

In this way, Twitter wants to be a platform where people can simplify what they want to transmit in just a few characters. Besides, it also has been useful to know what is happing in the world in real-time because it has real-time synchronization.

If you are looking to know an event, traffic status, score game, or something like that, Twitter is the best choice. As well, Twitter tells us which are the topics that are popular at that moment. It actualizes every minute its trending topic to you can see what is happing around you first than anyone.

In this way, you can use Twitter as a kind of customer service and be very close to your audience. They can get in contact with you in real-time and solve their problems or find out the promotions, offers, or unexpected problems with the service first. Twitter is a social media that never goes out of style.



The last social media that is very popular and most from the point of view of the business. This social media was thought for all companies and workers can share their information. In this way, we can say that LinkedIn is like a formal social media because on this platform we can post all our professional information and create connections with different and important companies.

For this reason, LinkedIn is the perfect platform to create your niche and let it grow. If you use it well, you can build the best connections with big and recognized companies. Besides, one of the features that we love about LinkedIn is that any new member has to start to build is the connection from zero.

As you create your connections you will be able to access other functions of the platform. It will help you a lot with the promotion of your brand and also get new members for your team. If we talk about create connections and a good niche, LinkedIn is for you.

Elements you can use to measure your activity on social media.

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Social Marketing Strategies

Now, you already know one of the most popular social media that exist, but probably you are wondering how can you measure your activity on social media to know if you are having success?

But, do not worry because there are some elements of social media that you can check to know if you are having success. Independently of the social media that you use, you have to always check the engagement, branding, and new customer loyalty.

You can measure the engagement through the number of amount of likes, mentions, comments, clicks, or views that can vary according to the social media. Remember that not all social media use the same terminology.

On the other hand, branding is used to measure your notoriety on social media. In this way, you can check your branding with your number of posts, followers, or the popularity of your hashtags.

Finally, for the new customer loyalty, we need to check the number of new followers or subscribers we have on the social media that we are analyzing. It will help us to determine if the new clients provide by that social media or another one. It is important to see which social media need adjustments.

As you can see, if you check these three elements on each social media, you always are going to measure the activity of your social media to reevaluate your social marketing strategy.

Develop a social marketing strategy

At this moment, you are almost at the end of the way to know everything about social marketing. You only need to know the basics steps to develop a social marketing strategy. It is easier than you could think because you only have to follow six simple steps.

Set your objectives.

Here you need to establish the elements you want to improve like your views, customer services, followers, or others. Based on those objectives are going to be planed your social marketing strategy.

Target your audience.

Once you set your objectives, you have to target your audience because it will help you to develop a proper campaign to call their attention. We cannot forget that there are contents and social media that are more or less popular according to the audience.

Choose the better social media for your objectives.

At this point, you have clear objectives and an audience, so you are near the goal. You only have to choose a social media that adapts better to your audience like if you want a young audience, Instagram could work better because most of its subscribers are young people.

Create unique content.

to catch the attention of your audience you need to publish relevant and unique content that makes you different from the competition. It will make the users prefer your brand over the others and give you a special advantage.

Analyze your performance.

The final step is analyzing all your performance on social media because it does not matter how many posts you can do if they are not achieving the objectives that you set. It is going to help you to make the proper adjustments and guarantee the success of your social campaign strategy.

As you can see the social marketing can improve your presence on social media. Just take your time to choose social media with which you feel more comfortable and start to increase your followers and popularity. Social media are waiting for you, let them a try and improve your business on the digital environment.

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